Trust Issues.

Ever since I was little I have never been able to trust anyone. My mother betrayed me and I havent spoken to her in over seven years. I am now with a man that I do love but it has been so hard for me to trust him, and its not like he gives me any good reason to. He has lied to me while looking straight in my face like it wasnt a problem. I dont understand how you can tell me that you love me one minute and then the next you can lie to me. Then he expects me to just be able to trust him. Its like he is still in his teenage years. I need a man and not a little boy that toys with my heart. I just dont know what to do with him. He has hurt me so many times and still I stay because I dont want to feel like I have failed. I dont want to feel like I cant make it in a relationship. I love him but I am tired of the games and I am fed of with dealing with the hurt. He makes me feel like I am the worst person in the world because I hurt him, but how can you hurt someone over and over again and not expect them to bounce back. I give up.
keezyweezy keezyweezy
May 14, 2012