Thinkin About Having An Abortion

i am 18 years old and have a beautiful daughter,she about to be 1 year old next month, just yesterday i found out i was pregnant again, me and my boyfriend used a condom but idk what happened :(, im so scared i dont know what to do i feel so lonely like i cant tell my parents because they will kill me and it will break my mothers heart, my boyfriend does now what to do either. at times i think about an ABORTION but im not sure thats the right thing to do i really dont know what to do i need some advice :(
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i believe you have a choice but if your un sure dont do it I had an abortion and i regret it and i know i should have listen more to my heart i was to worried about my mothers thoughts i listen and know i regret it :/ good luck sweety i wish you the best :) but plz think it through its a life changing experience for some women

If you want, you can try going to a pregnancy resource center for help, as they handle situations like this a lot. They offer free financial aid, adoption options, and counseling. Even if you pick abortion, they can still help, as they offer free counseling to post abortive women. Remember that lots of people have been in this type of situation before and have ended up fine. Good luck to you.

WHERE and WHAT are these "pregnancy resource centers" you keep prattling on about? From your profile, it says you are male. Please leave the abortion forums to WOMEN. Thanks.

Nobody can tell you what to do. Some women instantly know what their decision will be as soon as they test positive. Others will struggle. I have never wanted children and when my contraceptive failed, I knew what I was going to do. And I haven't wavered since. I'm relieved. I'm relieved that I had the CHOICE to decide if I wanted a baby or not. And I'm relieved that it could take place in a clinic where I got excellent care. And I'm relieved to no longer be pregnant (my pregnancy symptoms were AWFUL! I don't know how women do it for 9 months.)<br />
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But every woman is different. But contrary to what pro-lifers will have you believe...not every woman regrets her decision. You just don't necessarily hear about those women because they move on and don't neeed to post stories online. But I wanted to share my story, mostly about the actual procedure, because I went online when I decided so I would know what to expect. So I thought I could share my story for women wanting to know about how the actual procedure went down.<br />
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Good luck!

im in the same situation as you are,i have sat here for the last month trying to decide what to do and i dont think i will truely make up my mind, i already have 3 kids,and found out recently my husband has cancer,all I think about is how will I deal with being pregnant on top of raising my other children and dealing with a sick husband, i fear bringing this new baby into our lives. I know having the abortion is my best choice but i am scared and know i will regret it, I hope you weigh all your options and just go with your gut feeling, I wish you the best.