Everyone Is Different

Everyone is different, but my experiences were two completely opposite. 
I had surgical abortion 8 years ago because of health complications from my heart, that would not lead me into a safe pregnancy. It was one of the worst things I have ever been through in my life. The surgical abortion was easier yes, and made things a little smoother in healing and what not. However, what happened after 4 weeks after words almost took my life. All of the scar tissue, tissue, and what not (i'm really bad with details) were not expelled, and caused a build up in my lining. i started bleeding like a normal period, and then it turned into filling a pad completely every 10, then 5, then 2 minutes. I ended up passing out from blood loss, and while passed out I continued to bleed out. I ended up in the hospital with 2 surgeries. One was called and D and C, the other was to REPAIR A HOLE that was created by the surgical abortion. Now I was told this was not a normal result of having a surgical abortion, but the fact that it happened.. well you know. I had 2 blood transfusions, and was hospitalized for a week. And the recovering time after this was intense. Sore, intense, and scary. This experience has stuck with me over the past 8 years as if it happened yesterday. 

Now just recently I became pregnant, and was planning to keep the baby. However my body did not agree, and my body started to miscarry with no result. So it became a constant trial of rejection, contracting.. etc. For weeks, which made me so very ill. My Ob/Gyn sent my paperwork to Planned Parenthood (in our county they can only do abortions of any kind), and I was not recommended for a surgical abortion because of my contracting and un-contracting uterus. So at 7 weeks along, I was advised about the Abortion Pill. I of course, was scared and nervous because of my last experience with the bleeding and clotting. Another concern i had was after researching on my own, I noticed the abortion pill has been given many different ways depending on the clinics. So I became concerned about how effective it would be. I was given the first pill (just one) at the office. (and I've read some places give 3 at the first visit) I was sent home with 4 pills to take 24 hours later to dissolve in my cheek/gumline for a half hour and then to swallow what didn't dissolve. (this I have many different methods on as well) It was about 45 minutes after those 4 pills that I started getting very weak,nauseas,cramping..etc. Yes, it was very strong, and very painful for about 12-18 hours. And you  DEFINITELY want to be with some one who can take care of you 110%, because you'll need it. After about 48 hours, I started to feel fantastic. Now this was because i was incredibly ill due to my situation for a good month. But I did start to feel better. I had about 2 days of this feeling, but now I'm starting to bloat and cramp REALLY bad again.  
I would say, over all that if you are easily queasy and don't like the sight of blood, or the feeling of heavy cramping, and you have a sensitivity to heavy periods, I don't recommend this option. It can really mess with you. (i would assume) 
I have a follow up appointment coming up in a few days (which btw are mandatory..if you can't make these, don't even bother with the pill) and i guess my biggest fear is that the abortion didn't work. I would like to think that since I do not FEEL pregnant at all, it was a success. My only fear now is a bleeding situation like I had with the surgical abortion. 

Over all, based on my personal experiences, I would recommend the pill if your life style is such where you can have lots of rest, support, and a leaning shoulder for about a week. I thought over all this was a better experience. 
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May 18, 2012