Regret Having Abortion But I Had Good Reasons But I'm Hurting Now

Imam a single mom to a 9yr old...I recently was in a 2year relashionship at first we had a perrfect relashionship he was romantic,caring a good provider and made me feel good.. I found out so many secrets about him like he does drugs coke he drinks alot and he became abusive after a few months I couldn't take it anymore because I'm not use to living like that I made him move out and a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant.he was very happy when I told him even thought we lived in separate houses.but he was very disrespectful too me,he also hit me again called me names like fat,lazy and b!t(hes.I'm a good peron and I know I deserve better than that and I didn't want to end up a single mom again especially when this wasn't planned and he told me the condom broke.he started telling me things like he owns me for the next 18yrs and no matter what he do I'm not going anywhere and I couldn't take the disrespect.I thought about my daughter and agreed it would be best to get a abortion since my health is bad (high blood pressure and astmah) and I'm not working right now I didn't want to depend on him.I got the abortion yesterday but feel guilty now,I'm grieving and hurting even tho I think what I did was for my own good.he says he hates me now and called me a killer.I changed my number blocked him on Facebook and I'm ready to move on.I ask god to forgive me but I don't even know if I can forgive myself ..I found out when I was 4 weeks I turned 9weeks yesterday I had almost a month to think about it and I made my choice but now m in pain .my family is very supportive so that helps but I keep breaking down..I just wish this pain will go away!Are there any people out there that have been throught the same thing if so I would love to here from you
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May 20, 2012