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i went to the doctors with what i thought was a uti, until the doctor came out and said i was pregnant. i immediately burst into tears. i thought to myself i cant have a baby im not ready. i called my boyfriend and he didn't have much of a reaction. i spent the next 4 days crying. i called and made an appointment for an abortion, and i still have to wait 2 weeks. i cant get him to understand that i cant handle a child. im just going to college in the fall and have a steady job, im not ready to give up my whole life yet before 19. i'm so scared he'll leave me, but i just cant do it
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

If you want, you can try going to a pregnancy resource center for help, as they offer financial aid, adoption options, and other resources. Even if you do pick abortion, they can still help, as they offer free counseling to post abortive women who are struggling. Good luck to you.

I know this isn't what you want to hear right now, but if he doesn't support what is best for you, then he's not what's best for you, and you'll find someone who appreciates you. My ex didn't support my decision, and we were very wrong for each other for a lot of reasons. My boyfriend now supports me no matter what- he's supporting me and would accept if I had an abortion again.

You should not be scared about him leaving you. I understand what you are going through. I had an abortion and my boyfriend was against it completely. I had my reasons and after talking to him, he was supportive with me, not with the decision. So if he really loves you and is smart, he will stay with you, if not, be strong and go ahead with the decision you think is the best.. Men will never understand that for women, abortion is one of the hardest decisions we have to take. They do not have to put their lives on hold during pregnancy and after. They can take the responsibility but they still can go and have a little fun, while you would have to take care almost 90 % of the chores of the baby at least for the first 4 years. I have very close friends who got not planned pregnancies and some had the baby, others had abortions. The ones that had the baby, could not achieve many of the things that we (the ones we had an abortion) are achieving. Both are happy, some now single moms. Very important, the women who have abortions, yes , we go for a time of sadness, some depression, it is different for every woman, but at the end, they come back to be who they are. I promise you, you will be ok, just don't judge yourself, when we judge we blame. Decide what it is best for you.