Pro-life Centers Posing As Abortion Clinics And How To Avoid Them

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ABORTION CLINIC, BE CAREFUL OF THESE ANTI-CHOICE CENTERS. When I was looking for a doctor to perform my abortion, I stumbled across a lot of anti-choice groups posing as abortion clinics. There would be receptionists and volunteers dressed in scrubs so you would mistake them as nurses. I can't even begin to describe some of the horrible things they've said to me. "Why do you think abortion will erase your mistake?" one fake nurse asked me. "How could you want to do this? Don't you know your baby has fingernails?" No, abortion isn't going to erase a "mistake". I got pregnant while using condoms, and motherhood should be a beautiful thing, not a punishment for not being ashamed of sex. I didn't want an abortion. No one wants an abortion, but sometimes it's the best choice.  Fingernails develop in the womb at 35 weeks, not 9. They gave me pictures of 20 week fetuses labeled between 6 to 10 weeks. They showed me The Silent Scream- a video of an abortion they claim is performed at 11 weeks, but an 11 week fetus is 2 inches long, and the fetus in the video looks to be around 24-25 weeks. Every time I challenged the actual age of the fetuses I was told I was mistaken and treated like I was stupid. If I demanded to see an actual medical journal, they never ever had one around or refused to produce one. One "doctor" told me that if I had an abortion he would be worried about my spiritual health. I asked him what kind of doctor he was and he said he was a certified doctor but refused to provide any proof. When I tried to leave a security guard blocked the exit and they tried to force me to pray with them. I told them I was an atheist and they told me I should give the baby up for adoption because my atheism would make me a bad, abusive mother. They threatened me with physical violence if I tried to leave. I told them I would call the police and report them for kidnapping and they let me go. These centers know what they are doing is wrong. I was called horrible names that left me in tears.  One of the most memorable experiences was being in a room with a receptionist posing as a nurse. She said "You're about 8 weeks, so your baby is able to feel pain now." I told her that was not true, that fetuses don't feel pain until the third trimester, that an 8 month fetus doesn't have a complete brain, much less mature pain centers. She told me I was mistaken and she was trained in this. I asked her if she was a nurse, she said she was an "abortion alternative consultant." When I said she lied to me she said "Well maybe I lied but I'm not the one who spread her legs."

When I got my abortion there were protesters outside, screaming "baby killer" "murderer" and "*****." The clinic escorts were amazing, supportive, kind, and soothing. "Don't listen to them" one told me, "they're just angry." "What about?" I asked. "Most things," he said. Every center I had visited was so somber and the people were so oppositional. A little bit of humor put me at ease, and I knew this was a different place. I had checked the clinic out the day before and verified that they actually did offer abortions. I asked to see credentials and proof that the doctors were actually doctors, and they provided them without hesitation. "So you went to (name of the pro-life center where they tried to force me to pray)?" the doctor asked. "We get a lot of women who have had trouble there." They told me I was 9 weeks, that there was a heartbeat, that the brain was beginning to develop, that bones were beginning to form. It was all accurate and factual, not trying to persuade me one way or the other. I had seen so many pictures of late-term abortions that I wanted to know what it looked like, to know what it would actually be like, I guess to get the other images out of my head. They showed me a picture from their medical records. It was much different. There were no limbs, no fingers and toes. It didn't have a lot of shape to it. It was about the size and shape of a grape, and looked like a big blood clot. When people say it's a clump of cells, they're really not kidding. It looked like a mass of tissue, not like a baby. Knowing what a real 9 week abortion looked like put me at ease. That's why the anti-choice movement lies about what a fetus looks like, because it really doesn't look like much. On the day of my abortion there were a few protesters outside, extra furious because there was a 7 month pregnant woman inside with her husband. They called her awful names and she was crying. I asked her if she was okay and she told me that their baby had died in utero, and she could either have an abortion or carry her dead baby until she miscarried or delivered it's corpse. Some choice, huh. I just wanted to run outside and spit at them. They called her a baby killer, but her baby wasn't even alive.

I didn't know how to look for an abortion clinic. I knew about abortion but I didn't know about it in that sort of sense, I didn't really know how it would pertain to me. And why would I have? I certainly never expected to get an abortion, I don't think many people do. I also never ever expected the anti-choice movement to masquerade as abortion clinics, trying to guilt women into having children they don't want. Looking for information on abortion online seems nearly impossible. There's so much blatant misinformation, and google image searching "9 week abortion" has almost exclusively pictures of 14 or later week abortions linking back to pages like "catholicresources" or "lifenews" or "" (I am not kidding about any of these). And the only way the anti-choice movement can convert followers or guilt women out of abortions is by lying to them, because the truth about abortion is that it really isn't bad at all.

Be careful when looking for an abortion clinic. A lot of these centers are listed in the yellow pages as "abortion alternatives" and have really unassuming names. I wish I knew about things like Google Businesses, and I've seen some pro-life centers outed by users as religious organizations on these sort of business rating websites. These centers do not provide abortions, and they do not give you accurate medical information. Some have sonograms, but they're operated by people without licenses. Some of them have signs that say things like "Never tell a woman she is or is not pregnant" and when you take a pregnancy test they only say it's positive or negative, never that you're actually pregnant. If you call a center on the phone (and you should first) ask them if they provide abortions or referral services. If they don't they'll often dance around the answer instead of saying "yes". They won't even give you any information about contraception. They'll give and show you information that's misleading and blatantly wrong. The Silent Scream is a video that's a popular choice for anti-choicers, and the medical community has virtually unanimously declared that the video is misleading and doesn't contain accurate information. There's almost twice as many of these fake clinics as there are real abortion clinics, which is sickening. If you ever find yourself in one of these centers, just get up and leave. They have no right or reason to keep you there.

Remember, only you can decide if abortion is right for you. Good luck, and don't be afraid to reach out to people if you need to.
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I know you posted this a few years ago and might not get notifications from it anymore.. but I wanted to say thank you for posting your experience. I am truly heartbroken that you had to go through that experience at that clinic. Those clinics should be outlawed or fined for misrepresentation.
I have been on the pill since I was 17. Not because I was sexually active and 'couldn't keep my legs closed' like all these pro-lifers scream about. I was blessed (or rather cursed) with the most intense menstrual cramps - they were so bad that I would miss 1-3 days of school every time. It got so bad I nearly lost credit in a class in high school due to absences.
I have always taken very good care of my body, as this is the only one I've got! Cancer runs in my family so I see my gyno every year like clock-work. After hitting the 10-year mark of taking birth control I started to wonder if those stories of women becoming infertile or having problems becoming pregnant were true.
Due to a major lapse in judgement, finances, and the lovely train wreck that is our health care system I have been off the pill for about 2 months. On Sunday I found out I was pregnant. All last week I thought I was going to start. I had uteran cramps that normally signify the days of pain that are about to begin (even with birth control my cramps are only barely manageable). Cramps.. nothing.. cramps again.. nothing.. pain in my left ovary.. nope, no period.
As I was sitting there in the bathroom watching the hour glass turn around on the stick my heart was racing.. and then I saw it. Pregnant. My instant gut reaction was basically sh** no... omg.. sh** sh** sh**.
I found out last Wednesday I had been readmitted to university to go back and finish my degree.
My job is starting to pick up and the business I help my boyfriend run is about to start expanding rapidly.
I made the mistake of telling 2 friends of mine (that are married) that Sunday and what my knee-jerk reaction to it was. I was told it was murder. And that 72 countries around the world don't believe in it, etc. My thought was... 'Well thank god I'm in America.' As a well informed adult, my view is that of the science community. It is not murder, especially if it can't sustain life outside of my uterus.
For those that are deciding on what is right for you... what I can say is only talk to those that know you best. That know your life and what you are going through. My boyfriend knows (obviously he was the first one I told as I stood in the bathroom doorway in tears). I told my bestfriend who I have known since Elementary school, and my mom (who told me she actually had an abortion in college herself - and she still had me and my brother just fine!!!!).
For me abortion is the right choice. It's not an easy one. As someone with a nearly completed BS in Biology I know a very large amount of information. I am 4 weeks along. For lack of better terms it looks like a bean. There is no heartbeat. There is no brain activity. Just a mush of cells doing their pre-programmed job of dividing and copying.
As my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years... we had a plan.. in about 2 or 3 years we were going to start trying to get pregnant. This came early.. and unexpected. It will be hard on both of us, but unfortunately I know that we are not in the position to be the best parents that we know we could be.
The most appalling thing I was told.. was from the husband (who I thought was my friend on Sunday..) was that him and his wife were trying to get pregnant again and that they'd take the baby. My jaw hit the floor. They tried to justify their actions as they cared for me, but they were trying to shame me.
As I still have to wait a week for my abortion my hormones are running rampant. I'm enjoying uteran cramps, fatigue, and as of yesterday breast tenderness.
I remind myself that this was my first instant reaction to finding out I was pregnant. That I'm not ready. That WE aren't ready. But we will be. And honestly, we are falling back in love with each other. In a way, this pregnancy really wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. But I know when we are ready in a few years, we will look back on this and know we did the right thing.
Remember only you can decide if abortion is the right choice for you. Do your research. Find a good clinic with good supportive counselors that can help you work through what's going on in your head if you feel like you have no one to talk to. You aren't alone. There are more women than you might think that have gone through this (and now I can join that club). Ignore the people that try to scare you with false information and bias opinions. For me, I knew this wasn't the time instantly when I saw that pregnant test result. I always say go with your gut. You know what's best for you, it just can sometimes be hard to listen to yourself when others scream so loud.

Maybe instead of avoiding anti-choice clinics you should grow a brain and an ounce of compassion. Stop murdering unborn children. It is not your right to deny a child a chance at life you selfish cow. You knew the risks when you spread your legs for every man who would ask, so why should you have the right to cheat that poor little human being right out of a chance at life? Giving a child up for adoption is understandable if you know you cannot provide for it, but abortion is plain MURDER! And we all know that 95% of women who get raped asked for it, so that's not an excuse either. You people disgust me.

I dont agree with abortion. But I feel its wrong to trick somone into changing there mind. If you want to help Somone to avoid abortion then you should only help them with pros and cons and facts not guilt them as a pro choice and me as a pro life . I just wanted to ask some questions.. Since you seem like you made sure you knew about abortion befor you got one. What is you view on late term abortion? Babies that are only a few weeks or less from surviving outside the womb? Is it fair to promote adoption at that point expenses paid if her pregnancy is almost over?? And what is in your opinion the worst most uneffective thing "pro life" people do that make people decide to not even want to listen? First I want to to tell you I am a Christian not like a bible thumping hypocrite but a true believer and follower of Christ so I DONT BELIEVE IN JUDGING OTHERS its actually a sin to play god! So u am angry about the way some of these people make its seem like we are all full of hate and gods wrath. I think it reflects god in the wrong way...i hope you will get back to me and we can talk about somone these things. Please know u don't want to force women into motherhood but u have noticed many women don't realize how many options they have I think sometimes they don't want to be a mom or a murderer so they end up forced into one or the other and regret it

Lindop has spread her lies.
Now here are the facts.
The longer a woman uses hormonal birth control, the lower her chances of both Ovarian and Endometrial cancer, two of the biggest killers of women.
Birth offers no such defense.

That's a shame. You are not going to have the advantage of lower ovarian and endometrial cancer protection that hormonal birth control offers.
Hope you are O.K..

I understand but I think you misconstrue the results of the study.
It says that the more years you DO use hormonal birth control the LESS likely you will develop ovarian or endometrial cancer,among the most deadly of cancers.
Interruptions in order to become pregnant reduce this statistical linkage, making it MORE likely you will develop the named cancers.
So far as I know, and I can be convinced otherwise, there is no infertility problem with hormonal birth control.

Do you know any solid data like a peer reviewed journal on this subject (infertility caused by hormonal BC)? I haven't even heard of any.

I agree. This other person is just trying to persuade you for no reason. Stick with what you believe. Birth control scares me too.

I was on birth control for about 6-7 months and I couldn't handle it. I had almost bi-polar mood swings on a daily basis and it messed with my brains chemicals really bad. A few months into taking the BC I started noticing myself becoming depressed, withdrawn. I started cutting myself again (after not doing it for a year!) And the longer I was on it, the more depressed I became. I sought therpary and everything. Birth Contorl is not for some women unfortunately. ( I see that you have never taken it before from your next comment, side effects for different for each and every women, I know some that have lost weight, their hair grew faster, ance cleared up, they feelt good and happy. You may want to try it at some point or never want to try and both of those are totally okay)

just wanted to share that, not many people understand why some women choose not to take it!

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it shouldn't be a choice abortions are the same as murder. abortions are one of the worst things that happen in this country. i saw some people protesting about it and i gave them a thumbs up and you i'm giving a thumbs down.


I would agree. Except of course, a z/e/f is not a baby

your repetitive postings have been flagged and will get you banned if you keep it up.

Repetitive posting, flagged and will result in banning if you keep it up

If a z/e/f was a baby you might have something to say.

Bull. Abortion has saved thousands of lives and prevented millions of unwanted urchins

Complete lie.
EVERYONE may kill anyone who is taking your body hostage (slavery) if that is what is needed to end the greater crime (see 13th Amendment)
It is called "justified homicide" if it is a person.
it is called "Thursday" if it is a non-human parasite.

Law, the 13th Amendment, the U.N. universal declaration of human rights, the Statute against slavery (U.K.) and every moral code ever written gives me the authority lindop.
NO ONE may enslave another.
If SHE decides to abort YOUR claims have no business being in her face.
The 'advantage' you lied about merely proves you have nothing to say.
The "informed" choice is based entirely on her right against slavery.

repetitive posting is spam, has been flagged and will get you banned.

repetitive posting flagged again.

Hi my name is Selina! I am a pro life freak but I have seen that alot of our hateful approach are making women want to rebel and ultimately helping them choose abortion because they feel were taking there "rights" away.. I know it seemed crazy but my advice to stop abortion is to create resources to help pregnant women have more options then life and death ... Abortion is sad and unfortunately many people have done this will be held accountable on judgment day lets save some babies and mommies!

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The baby of your picture is so beautiful.. surely the one that doesnt exist anymore, was also beautiful. If you had ever had the chance to look at it... after all, will always be your child. Another mom would have loved it, if you couldnt. Again, very cute child. In the eyes of those innocents is the hope for thie world. And now that I am a mother I understand It.

I gave you the link to actual doctors.
This claim is a lie.

Nope. The FACTS as I gave you the link to read are that full term pregnancy DEGRADES mental performance, the 'breast cancer' link is a proven lie and, oh yes, the PAS lie is caught out.
As for your 'medical fact', provide a link to a reliable source of MEDICAL information from RESEARCH CLINICIANS!

No PAS either.
And post birth depression is a killer of women.

Sounds like you got all your lies from the same source.

Dare to post a link?

Only one person should take life.. And his name is god no matter how good of a person you are our how honest your intentions were. It boils down to taking someone's life ..your son or daughters life
I believe you did the best thin for your self but no matter how that baby came to be you were and are still his or her mom ..and a mother ALWAYS puts her self 2nd
Even if that means carrying a baby a little while longer and giving birth and giving him or her up.
At least then you could say you did the best thing for your baby and your self

Actually inherownwords, did you ever see a mother of a newborn who looked healthier?
I haven't.
Absent being wealthy, they are tired, exhausted, underslept, overworked and overwhelmed. Not to mention frequently suffering postpartum depression, body image problems and diabetic frequently.
That's not good for ANYONE.

Flagged #9

"The above post by bitlord is farthest from the truth."
Says the woman who declares abortion causes Breast Cancer.
'Nuff said.
The words of a liar are lies UNLESS proven otherwise by evidence!

Lie. Mothers of newborns are sick, weak and hormonally disordered.


This is NOT a medical fact. I AM an Mother AND a L&D/Pediatrics Nurse for over 16+yrs. I completely respect your opinion to be pro-life & would suggest you spend more time in pro-life support groups. To go to a pregnancy termination group & share unsubstantiated false information as medically proven fact to support you opinions is irresponsible & disrespectful those in the group. As a Mother & L&D/Peds Nurse I obviously LOVE children, but the medical facts are that risks far outweigh benefits when it comes to pregnancy. True, pregnancy, childbirth, & children are amazing gifts for most mothers, but not until they are ready, & not for ALL mothers. To say otherwise is reckless & irresponsible at the least & is absolutely false aside of the possible theory of some researchers that it may lead to a reduction in reproductive cancers & it does cause a heightened state of taste & smell. To be honest, imho, & in my professional observations the heightened taste & smell are welcome in some women who experience pregnancy cravings & unwelcome in those who are prone to pregnancy induced nausea & vomiting. Also most women I've cared for professionally & known personally, as well as my own personal experience, would complain of "pregnancy brain" where they are more forgetful than when not pregnant or parenting a young child. So the "Ask any mother" point does not make anything a medical fact.

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And the Supreme Court, 5-4 of course, allows these liars to get away without lawsuits or prison sentences for false advertizing.

I am pregnant and im looking to get an abortion but im afraid of what will happened to my baby afterwards. how did u feel when u went through with yours? (if u don't mind me asking)

don't get one a fetus is a living human being.that's your baby please in the name of god don't kill it.

Wrong. All Human Beings have breathed air.
Until it does, the foetus is not a baby

Well said

Stupid statement.

cancer is a life. Life should not be taken away. You should just die.
Trust you, you are a liar.
As soon as an egg and ***** divide, life CONTINUES.
Everyone who is forced to carry a z/e/f has the right to take that life.
Those who are forced not to are becoming slaves.

Most factual PARODY of your bullshit claim that LIFE is somehow sacred, when in fact only HUMAN BEINGS have any rights.
So, yes, you did post the most stupid argument ever, by anyone.

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Thanks for your post regarding. These so called pregnancy centers that give young scared pregnant. women false information. regarding. abortion. these pro life fanatics want to impose their religious beliefs on others.All the care about is that you don't choose abortion. They don't care about what type of life an unwanted child will have. After it's born. Maybe. A life of poverty being .raised on welfare with no father in a bad neighborhood. MOST unwanted kids don't do well just perpetuates social. Problems.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am appalled at what you had to go through. I'm not sure what's more insulting, the blatant disregard for constitutional rights, the guilt and shame tactics, staff posturing with fake credentials, or the use of pseudoscience as evidence.
You are so brave to share your story here.

I'm really sorry that you had to go through all of that, and I think it's incredibly brave of you to not give up and to reach out to support other women,
People like you make a crappy world a lot better.
Thank you.

Át my ten week ultrasound sound I could see him, he is 4 months old now, jumping around, kicking his legs, spinning around, flipping and twirling his arms. He is my 3rd. I have no doubt they can feel in the first trimester. It was not long ago when dr's were adament that newborns did not feel pain and thus they did not give anesthesia durig surgery. The dr's said that a newborns brain is too under developed to feel pain. Obviously, with technology, more becomes realized and known. Its not like anyone can ask a fetus if he/she feels pain, but the reactions that a first trimester baby has during an abortion is evident that they do feel physically.

Actually, there's no proof to support that. The "actions" a fetus may do during an abortion is no different that the actions it performs all the time. Occasionally the fetus will move in reaction to the instruments, but there's no evidence to show it's a reaction to pain. This is like the stuff I heard in The Silent Scream... they were claiming a fetus was trying to scream when it was clearly yawning.

There are many studies that show fetuses do not feel pain until around 26 weeks and no studies that prove otherwise. Unless you have a study on hand to support your claims and to disprove John Hopkins Medical University?

Because it doesnt feel pain doesnt mean that they dont exist and that they are not alive.

Honey, worry about yourself or if you must worry about others- worry about the 1000's of unwanted children and underprivileged children that currently exist. No woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term because of your personal beliefs.

Yes they do exist, and also there are many others willing to love them, currently. Besides, many of them turn to be great people I personally admire, not always is the case, but in other circumstances it isnt, neither. So... I personally dont think one can choose for their lifes, they deserve to live.

"many others willing to love them"...come back when every foster child in the world has a permanent home.
No, not even then, because HER body is HER right and SHE alone has the right to remove the parasite from her body.

There are no advantages TO THE WOMAN in pregnancy. It is dangerous, traumatic and one of the 10 leading causes of death among young women.
Abortion is a better choice when women do not wish to be pregnant and the only person who ever should have the right to make or refuse that option is the pregnant woman.
So says the 13th Amendment

existence does not prove humanity.
To be human requires far more than something be alive, have a heartbeat and have POTENTIAL to become a human later.

A baby is a human being, developing. . A fetus is also a human being developing.
Without those stages of develolment none of us would even be here.. so what? A nine month fetus isnt human for you, that is about to born, because is inside his mom? His development continues outside the womb, not begins... it continues.

Wrong. A foetus is NOT YET a human being. just as a baby is developing into a dead man/woman. Shall we bury them now?
Of course not, for an acorn is not an oak and a z/e/f is not a baby, nor a human being!!

You know there is a fundamental difference, between ***** and unfertilized eggs and zygotes or fertilized eggs. Neither egg nor ***** has the capacity to become other than what it is. They remain what they are. But when, as you know, egg and ***** are joined, a new, dynamic, and genecally distinct human life begins. Is neither ***** nor egg, nor a simple combination of both... :)

The censored word is s-p-e-r-m

yeah, the auto-check is pretty prudish.

Wrong. All either needs to do is DEVELOP.
As you know, the zygote will not become distinct until it breathes for itself in about 9 months.
Until it happens...
As for genetically DISTINCT...every cancer is genetically distinct...and they are parasites too.

You are the one that is wrong, why?
Because a parasite is defined as an organism of one species living in or on an organism of another species (a heterospecific relationship) and deriving its nourishment from the host (is metabolically dependent on the host).
b) A human embryo or fetus is an organism of one species living in the uterine cavity of an organism of the same species (Homo sapiens) and deriving its nourishment from the mother (is metabolically dependent on the mother). This homospecific relationship is an obligatory dependent relationship, but not a parasitic relationship.
2. a) A parasite is an invading organism -- coming to parasitize the host from an outside source.
b) A human embryo or fetus is formed from a fertilized egg -- the egg coming from an inside source, being formed in the ovary of the mother from where it moves into the oviduct where it may be fertilized to form the zygote -- the first cell of the new human being.
3. a) A parasite makes direct contact with the host's tissues, often holding on by either mouth parts, hooks or suckers to the tissues involved (intestinal lining, lungs, connective tissue, etc.).
b) A human embryo or fetus makes direct contact with the uterine lining of the mother for only a short period of time. It soon becomes isolated inside its own amniotic sac, and from that point on makes indirect contact with the mother only by way of the umbilical cord and placenta.

A parasite would never become a human, in 9 months nor never.
But surely you will continue thinking like you do, but dont confuse a parasite with a fetus, a human being in its earliest form.

Where is a rule in EP saying that one cant comment in groups with different point of views? As far as I know, there could be debates.

Im asking you about the rules here, since we are here... arent we? If you feel so happy with what you did all right, many will agree, and many will agree with me, thats it. I feel sad for those innocents that were silenced without any oportunity. Thats it.

Nope. A parasite is any species which cannot live without a host and which does no benefit to the host.

False. A cancer is the same species as its host also, and is definitely a parasite as well.
A foetus is a parasite, and will not become a human being until it breathes air at least once.

A cancer also is a parasite and of the same species. A parasite MIGHT become human if the WOMAN volunteers her body as life support.
Don't confuse a foetus with a human being. Not the same thing.

False. The conclusion of the American Congress of Obstetrician/Gynecologists is that having an abortion is 3x safer than birth.
Her brain power is REDUCED thanks to excess oxygen starvation.
Children bring STRESS to parents.
Having children INCREASES the chance of breast cancer.


It is not natural to take higher risks to provide for a parasite you don't want.

It has the potential to become an ectopic, life destroying parasite as well, and for 600 women a year, a death sentence.
Potential, btw, does not mean "IS" it means just that, MAY BECOME (change into).
Until and unless it breathes on its own, it is not a human being.

It is also a potential bloody clot. 2/7 become just that WITHOUT intervention.
One more won't change anything.
One less may kill a living woman, or maim, or cripple for life (as in gestational diabetes, a big issue for many hosts for that parasite you love)

Spam repeat posting flagged. Repeat #1 of this post

Easy. The one just before it is an original. That one below is a copy. Two. See? Repeat.

Which doesnt mean one will agree always. You feel at ease cwith your desition, some will agree with you others wont. I am a mother, and feel so connected with her... and her life started as a fetus,,, thats why I value life so much, from pregnancy.

Again, mind your own business. Your being a mother and the value and connection you feel to your child has nothing to do with the fact that:
1) People should stop trying to force their beliefs on others;
2) The choice to terminate a pregnancy is a "choice" that should be protected;
3) You get to "choose" not to end your pregnancy;
4) Someone's choice to not have a child or terminate a pregnancy does not affect you personally;
5) Put your money where your mouth is and start adopting all the unwanted children of the world (especially those with special needs that reside in foster care just awaiting a family).
- You are probably against gay marriage too. Closed minded. Move on.

Clearly who cant stand other point of views is you, or you wouldnt care that much, you can say wathever you please, but not everyone will agree with you, I am saying facts, you cant stand that a fetus is not a parasite, is up to you., as my opinion shouldnt affect you personally but clearly it does, because otherwise you wouldnt be asuming Im against gay mariage, something that has nothing to do with the topic, but just so you know, Im not against it. You dont know me a bit.And yes there are terrible people, or adoptive parents, just like there are excellent ones, and not for that we should decide over the life of those innocents... it would be like playing God. And me being a mother has a lot to do; because I learned to value life. Go on and think wathever you want. That is my point of view, if you dont like it is ok.

Fact are that foetus is a parasite, as in cannot live without a host, this is not opinion, you seriously need a reality check if you think otherwise.
I do know quite a bit about you. You have worthless command of the English language, do not know the difference between opinion and fact and have no facts to work with, so you spew an uninformed opinion, making a mockery of thought

Is not the same as I said, since a parasite has to be of another specie... don't you understand it? Is it so difficult? . Yes my English is not perfect, because it's not my native language.

NO, they do not. A parasite is any creature consuming the host and returning nothing to the survival of the host.
Deal with it.
The parasite inside a woman is using HER placenta, her body, attached directly to the host it feeds off.

A cancer is the same species. Is it not a parasite?
So, please learn to read something besides apologist web sites and the dictionary.

It has to do with this topic, because we are talking about abortion, which is a supresion of life. And my point of view is as important as yours, because we are entitled to think different, and yes I talk for my experience, the site is named Experience Project.

And now... about guessing, no I'm not guessing. I have met women that had abortions, and also for what I have read here it's because they simply believe it's the best for them (personal interests) or for the child, many times they are confused, and dont know what to do. . I know women that have had abortions, and most of them regret it all their lifes. They are still in a process of healing, and one that is very special for me, told me from her experience, that the abortion itself was worse than the rape she had to live. Others like you, are ok with it.
It's ok if you are fine with your choice. For what I see you only care about the mother... you could say that the mother could want the best for her child.. but life isn't mean to be a road of roses. Imagine if all the people with special needs would have wanted to be aborted by their moms....
I wonder, did you have a miscariage? because you said your baby was suffering.
Also... how great that you will adopt other children and are planing to have others as well, because, as I have said, every baby is a blessing. Also they one you didn't want to.

supresion of life...WRONG! Abortion is the celebration of life, which is, of course TO CHOOSE!
"I know women that ..regret it the rest of their lifes(sic)", no you don't. The overwhelming report to the APA from Britain and the U.S. is a report of RELIEF as the only emotion women feel long term from abortion.
The woman is the only PERSON involved in abortion and no, every baby is not a blessing, but we are speaking of abortion, where no babies exist yet!!

Yeah say wathever you want, without being a fetus my beloved "baby" as you call it (now that is born) wouldn't even exist, I celebrate life, from the beginning, from the very beginning.

And the beginning is when it breathes and thinks.
Until then, it's a worm, a parasite.

Ouch. I support all abortion on the theory that the right against slavery extends to women, making moot the argument "is it a baby", since it doesn't matter as long as the woman has a right not to be a life-support-machine unless SHE wants to.

Forced abortions are every bit as abhorrent as denied ones and, interestingly, use the same legal 'logic' regarding the rights of women.

If they do use actual force, of course they are breaking the law.
if they attempt only to convince her this is the best solution (for them) it is their right to do so as long as no force or threat is present.

I dont see God as that, he is a forgiving father, what I know is that abortion is a supression of life, because a fetus is a life, the earliest stage of a human being.Mr. Bitlord will keep saying it's not alive, or it's worthless.Because he doesnt realize and he said that a fetus in any stage is the same, the fetus or parasite like he says, has the organs he himself has, depending on the time of developing. And from the very beginning it is a new life, fully developed or not.
And inherownwords, I also suffered with depression, to the point of suicidal thoughts, actions even, and other things, and muy little child has brought me so much joy, she developed to what is she NOW, how? Being a fetus, like Mr bitlord, you, and me were once. Her eyes show me hope, pureness. Something I thought didnt existe anymore.
Abortion is unfair, is exactly like killing a newborn baby... Lets not try to sugarcoat it. Both are developing, to hopefully be someday, adults like Mr. Bitlord and you.But because you play God, they will always miss. Angels, that will never fly.

A foetus is a parasite, just like a cancer, same species.
Since there are no god(s), it follows you have nothing to say about OTHER WOMEN'S enslavement!

What is slavery for you? Raising a child means that for you? Believing un God?

There is no evidence of god.
Slavery is having your BODY put to the service of another against your will (says the Supreme Court of the United States).
Stupid question from a stupid believer. are nothing but a bully, a bitter man, and you think you are intelligent?

So far I have YOU beat by a league!
I don't bully. I browbeat with THE FACTS.
If that's bullying you need a new definition.

Hahaha wow you calling yourself intelligent... because nobody else can do it right? Hahaha how pathetic.
Now This is a waste of time, go on and say wathever you want, bully.

A cancer is a life too, and so is a worm.
Neither has the "right" to use a woman against her will.Anti-abortion is unfair, making a woman into a slave.

So many human girls, babies, female fetus killed... And you dont give a damn about them? Because they are innocents, you rather silence them before seeing the light! Before giving a smile to someone that would value them.

Why would anyone care about a parasite that a woman did not volunteer to carry?
I think HER right against slavery trumps all your emotional appeals!!

Inherownwords: You know, althought our opinions are different, I respect you, I dont share your thoughts but is easy to see that you are stron, yet loving woman, and have lots of love to give, to those wonderful children. It is a pleasure to talk to you.

I meant strong

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