Confused Of The Outcome

Im married and had a 8 months daughter. Recently we just discovered im 4 weeks pregnant. We are currently living in a high cost living country and where abortion is legal.we chose living here because there's no way we can raised our daughter in our home country but everthing is just exact to have a living. When we knew about my pregnancy ,i got surprised my husband suggest for abortion but in the latter part, i understand why he offered that option and i know & he told me he's also dont want this 100% . Its because of our current situation now, financially restrained, and its too early for me to have another pregnancy , to think of how difficult i got in my previous one . We visited the abortion clinic last week, and the doctor barely saw the pregnancy while doing the ultrasound , he even asked me if i already tried to drink any pill.he said its better to have an abortion on the 6th week of pregnancy so the possibility of tissues left behind is reduced, so i still have more than 1 week to decide if i will push thru..After googling a lot of things about abortion , im freaking out, im scared of regrets & possible complications, but at the end of the day im still thinking of aborting it because of our situation, and if i choose to continue this pregnancy i need to resign from my work and take care of them w/c will add onour financial crisis and currently my husband's work is not stable...Im so confused, either ways i feel very guilty and i left more than 1 week to decide.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

I do not know if they have them in your country, but if they do, you can try going to a pregnancy resource center for help. Where I live, these centers offer free financial aid, adoption options, and counseling to post abortive women. Also, I would not advise letting anyone pressure you into an abortion you do not want, as many people regret the decision for years. Good luck to you.

Google is the worst thing for paranoid because it's usually all stories about things gone wrong, rarely things gone right, regardless of how safe it is. Your main concern is your 8 month old daughter who needs your time, money, and attention right now.