Why Me I Know Better

So here goes. I met an amazing guy who I love to spend all my time with and he makes me happy and want to be better. Its now been 10 weeks and This past weekend I found out I am 6weeks pregnant with his baby. I am so ashamed how could I let this happen I know better! I feel so empty and alone I can't even bring myself to talking to him and telling him. Tomorrow is my day. I am so scared and feel vso guilty I cant take it! I can't have this baby I cant even afford to support myself I am so lost I want answers.... Am I wrong to not tell him? I feel so empty and after tomorrow I don't know what to expect or how I will feel after I go thru this... My heart is broken and I need support to tell me its ok and I am doing the right thing for me because I cant take the judgement I feel and the hate I am developing for myself inside...
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2012

I am in the same situation...the one thing I've learned is that its ALL ABOUT YOU AND ONLY YOU! I know it's selfish, but there is no guarantee that he is going to be there for the rest of that childs life. Only person that will be is you. You need to think about what you want and what's best for you and your future. Be strong and you can chat to me anytime. Just remember, what ever you choose to do, you will live with it for the rest of your life.

If you are committed to having an abortion, and you don't think anything good can come from telling him, I wouldn't. This is YOUR decision, and you are the one who will have to live with the outcome. I had an abortion several years ago and did not tell the father, because he was extremely against abortions, but I knew in my heart that it was the right choice for me. I believe that this is a time when you need to be selfish- you need to do what you think is best for you.

You are going through alot right now and you probably feel so alone. you should defanitely talk to your man before you make any decision. ultimately it is your choice but if you go through with it and not even tell him anything he may feel betrayed(if he ever finds out) and you may lose him. you need someone to be there for you emotionally right now no matter what you decide and if he is the right man for you he will understand and be there for you. who knows you may change your mind after talking with him. I was 15 and homeless when i found out i was pregnant. i was terrified i had no one and nothing but i kept my daughter got my life togeather and she is such a blessing to me. you have to do what you feel is right for you im just offering advice to you. i truly hope everything works out for you.