Abortion But I'm Glad I Did It

I feel bad for not feeling bad. I had an abortion not too long ago. I'm in a stable relationship with my fiancee and I found out I was pregnant. We had talked about children long before this happened and we both knew we never, ever wanted kids. I just plainly don't like kids all that much, I guess. Plus, I'm on medication that I need and it isn't healthy to a fetus; it can cause some major damage. The day the test came back positive was absolutely the worst day of my life. I seriously wanted to kill myself because I always told myself I would never go through this and there it was happening to me. My fiancee stood by me the whole time, though,  and was so helpful and supportive and caring. I immediately knew I had to have an abortion and I did. But after it was over, I felt so relieved. I barely felt bad at all. But I also know it was the right thing to do. Like I said, neither of us want kids. He's even going for a vasectomy in a few months and he's only in his late 20s, like me. I haven't told anyone about this because I was afraid of the backlash and I felt a little ashamed. I just didn't want anyone to judge me or criticize me for having it done.
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I think that is great. I wish more women who felt that way would talk about it, there is such incredile guilt youa re supposed to feel. What if some people just don't feel that way?That is o.k. to.

I can't tell you hoe relieved I am to heae that someone else can say "i feel bad for not feeling bad." all I can say is thank you for making me feel human.

i think that you did the right thing for you and i am glad you have shared your story.

Thank you. I'm so glad to find someone who is understanding of it.