I had a surgical abortion Friday July 27, 2012, basically two days ago. But before i get to that, I might as well thoroughly explain this entire thing from the start so it can be fully understood.
My current boyfriend of four years and I have known each other since we were little. We supposedly played together but neither of us recall this but our parents. We "reunited" in July of 2007 and ended up getting together in August of 2008.
He is the perfect guy, sometimes too perfect for me. Everything girls want in a guy and more. He is so different than other guys I have known. Anyways, we didn't start having sex until our one year anniversary. Like I said, he's different, including the fact that he is sentimental about things, so I agreed we wait till the one year. For the three years that we've been sexually active, we used condoms maybe three or four times.
Also, I forgot to mention that both of us were virgins and have only been with each other. I was surprised about that. Anyways, back to what I was saying. I didn't feel the need to use condoms because I figured the pull out method is fine and la de da da da. Well, obviously I was wrong.
Surely the pullout method works, but only for so long. This past June, I got pregnant. We think we can recall which time it happened, but we aren't sure. This is when the abortion comes into the picture.
I was always against abortion, and still am under certain circumstances. More referring to the women who carelessly get involved in situations and get pregnant and have abortions for the heck of it. They abuse their privilege.
My boyfriend and I had been talking about pregnancy, but he wanted to wait until we were completely financially stable. We found out I was pregnant and completely flipped. I had a feeling I was, but he was in denial until I took three different pregnancy tests and then went to planned parenthood as well and it was still positive.
It was unbelievable. Still today, I can't believe any of this even happened. But back to what I was saying, we agreed that I should have an abortion. There was no way I could afford this child, nor could my boyfriend. He is trying to get his bachelors in nursing and I am not in school. I had to drop out of college because I couldn't afford to pay for it anymore.
I called planned parenthood to make an appointment. They gave me such a hard time and were so rude and nasty to me, so I looked up different clinics around the area and found one that seemed good. Planned parenthood wasn't going to give me an appointment until August. I couldn't wait that long. This other "women's clinic" gave me an appointment three days later.
I started searching and looking for information about abortion and I was confident that I wanted to do medical. It seemed logical and easy. Then, I started thinking about the health factors that were involved. I have allergies to a few medicines so I was scared I might be allergic to some of those. I also took plan b before and had a reaction to it. It made me vomit and have a lot of bad fevers for about a week.
The thought of a surgical abortion scared me. They should change the name and take surgical out. I was confident now that I had to have a surgical one done. As scared as I was, and as regretful as I was, I knew it had to be done. The baby is better off back in Heaven than here on this crappy Earth for now.
I went in for my ultrasound on Wednesday the 25th. In the state I live in, the ultrasound has to be done 24hrs advanced before the procedure. I was a nervous wreck. I was shaking and such. They had to do my vitals and all that junk first. They had to do my blood pressure twice because it was so high from me being nervous. I had counted the weeks since my last period beforehand, so I calculated that I'd be about six going on seven weeks.
When I layed on the table for my ultrasound, which had to be done vaginally, the lady asked if I was sure about my period because I was only about four weeks. I was like whaaaaat? I told my boyfriend and he was confused, too.
The day of the abortion could not come fast enough. Friday approached and the car ride there was silent. I started shaking and trembling from being so nervous. We got there and my boyfriend said that I have to calm down. He reassured me that I chose the anesthesia, which relieved me because I wanted no memory of this at all.
When they called my name I had to empty my bladder, do vitals again and so forth. The nurse explained everything and gave me my first medicine. The pills I took were for relaxing my mind, and for relaxing my cervix so it will easily open? I forget. But as soon as I took them, they sent me back to the waiting room for about 20 mins. I got really relaxed. My heart stopped beating fast and I stopped shaking. I almost fell asleep on my boyfriend. Then, they called me back and I got on the table after I undressed. The nurse set everything up and so forth and then the doctor and anesthesiologist came in. I got my IV with fluids first, then meds, then anesthesia. The doctor told me what they were going to do but I just shook my head. Two mins later, I was out like a light.
I was woken up by a nurse asking if I was okay, and that it was time to go into the recovery room. I looked at the clock and not even thirty mins had gone by. I managed to get my clothes on but couldn't barely walk.
Once I got into the other room, there were two other women there as well. The kind lady offered me some juice and crackers and ibuprofen. I took it all and then she made me use the bathroom to check my blood flow. It was very light. She also gave me free birth control for a month.
My follow up is August 13. This experience, overall, was unbelievable, but I'm relieved it happened. I'm sad and regretful, yes, but the baby doesn't deserve to suffer for me and my boyfriends immature actions. I'm thankful that I was given this option and now have a greater respect for the women who choose abortion.
Hollyvm92 Hollyvm92
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2012