First Abortion At A Young Age

Im glad this site exsists. Ive never said anything about my story to anyone before now . No one really understood and i hope people do now. i had my abortion at age 19. Me and my on again/ off again abusive boyfriend found out i was expecting. We were together only 3 months and were very young and honestly pretty stupid. it was very different from what i was thinking it would be the first time i said i was pregnant. I was not excited..i saw the pos preg sign and immediately started to cry. My bf at the time was very un realiable and irresponsible i couldnt trust him for anything. I told him i was pregnant and was dumped a few weeks later. I knew i couldnt do this on my own and even with him i dont think it would work. I knew i couldnt support a baby or even give it a decent life, So i made that difficult decision. I went to the clinic that day alone...well my best friend at the time was nice enough to drive me even though she didnt agree with what i was doing. I filled out alot of paper work and sat waiting for my turn for hours. While waiting i saw several very young girls in that room..guessing.. 14-16 and they actually asked me how if felt..and if it hurt. I had mixed emotions i wanted to tell them yes it does it hurts like f%^&in hell...emotionally..but physically i felt nothing,,.It really hurt going through that by myself. I got a text later that night from the ex bf asking how it went..knowing dang well he didnt care..he was with his new gf....i really thought at that time of keepin the baby i could keep my ex as a part of my life..but then i thought of how painful and stressful it would be on that child having 2 parents fighing and hating each other me that is not worth it. Having a child i cannot afford, was not ready ford and was not with the right person really hindered my decison. Now 6 years later i never regreat that choice. Yes people still feel the need to give their nasty, rude, one sided opinonion but i never let it bring me down..they do not know what is right for me and i had to make a hard choice and i did. Whats done is done and i will never feel sorry for my choice, i wont lie either. I do think about my "child" once in a great long while and think of how my life would be diff with a 7 year old but i know i made the right choice and no amount of hate and negiativativity will ever change that .
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hey ladies..i am bosslady..had to make a new account...having trouble loggin in on this thing...but i wanted to say thank you to you all for your kind words, it really does mean alot and your responses are so sweet! i appreciate you all, and i appreciate everyone being positive and supportive your all kind:)

Thanks for sharing. I am having an upcoming abortion and sometimes I feel strange that I didn't find making my decision to do so a hard one. Perhaps my husband was more torn than me on it. I can also usually tell when I might regret a decision I'm about to make, but I don't feel that way in the very least about this one. Because of what I'd read about unexpected pregnancies before it actually happened to me, I had the impression that it must be a really tough decision to make.... Except it wasn't.<br />
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At first not having many feelings about choosing to abort worried me that I might be a horrible person, but now I realize it's because I feel no shame about doing what I know is right for us. Nothing seems right about giving birth to a baby neither of us want when it will put a huge financial strain on us, pretty much be the end of my career, and put an unnecessary strain on my body for the duration of the pregnancy and on our marriage for the rest of our lives.<br />
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I'm glad to see there are other women who feel strongly that their decision was completely right and don't regret it.

yes i dont think that it was wrong of me to make my decision..i never even thought twice about abortion..i just knew its what i had to do and you are a very strong person to be able to realize what you need to do ..and there is nothing wrong with that..people will always...ALWAYS talk and have their opinion but its how you respond or deal/cope with it ..and you dont even have to , to be blunt. Its your business and no one elses.

You are such a brave woman. I just had an abortion, and like you, I am not sorry for it. But you are stronger than me. You have the strength that I wouldn't know. You went alone, and had to make the decision all alone. That should inspire women; you took care of the situation and you will live with that brave, smart decision.

I think you sound like such a smart, strong women yourself!! It was difficult going at it alone but i had to do what i had to do :) I think all women in our shoes should be applauded

Good for you for taking control of your life and doing what was best for you. I find it baffling that once a woman is pregnant, all that matters is her baby, she is no longer important.<br />
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I wish you nothing but health & happiness.

thank you...your kind words are nothing short of encourging for me !! I definetly agree with you. I dont think it is right that women seem discarded after becoming pregnant...and it becomes all about the fetus..which i choose to call it. Everyone more than entitled to their opinion and more importantly free choice.