Got The Abortion Pill, Just Took The Mifepristone Tablet...

Waiting for these pills has felt like the longest week of my life.

I just popped the first one. I hope the cramping isn't that bad; no going back now. Even if the cramping is horrible, I just have to keep in mind it's only a few days and will be much less painful than giving birth.

I have a bunch of books and videos set up to read/watch tomorrow after I take the rest. I also have a big bowl on hand incase I get nauseated. Just crossing my fingers that everything goes well and I won't need the surgical abortion afterwards.

Overall at the moment I'm happy that soon I'll be able to take my own life back again. My pregnancy symptoms were like normal PMS stuff at first, but my stomach has been all kinds of not happy since last week and it's been really hard to focus on my job.
jlk2 jlk2
26-30, F
Aug 6, 2012