ok i asked a question if people think abortion is murder and most people said yes, i don't know what to think anymore, people who have gone through abortion are saying that its not but others are saying i am a murderer. i love my child and i wish i didn't do what I've done but i did and i can't it back.

i told one of my friends who told another friend and she told my friend that i deserve every bit of pain that comes to me, that i don't deserve nothing nice and no one o be here for me, i am now thinking she is right!
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ouch...well i would advise getting some better friends! Even if you may have made a mistake that doesn't mean you deserve any less then anyone else. If you need some help, i know there are some groups out there that help people cope after abortions.(just try googling "help after abortion" and you get a bunch) You could also just try to connect with other women that have been through what you have. *hugs*

I had an abortion, and I feel that it IS murder.


Although, I don't believe women who experience abortion are evil or bad. I think it's a tough and heartbreaking decision, definitely. I don't judge other women or think that they are murderers.

But from my experience with abortion, I feel that way about myself.

Agreed. It doesn't matter what the reasons are for the woman. It's still a tough decision. And I wish others would respect women who have experienced it.

It's been a little over a year. And I still can't even utter the words out of my mouth. I say "when I lost the baby". It's a private matter. And ppl are very rude about it. I don't think I would ever be open about it. Others don't need to know.

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You made a choice. It's not the choice I would have made but you made a choice. You are punishing yourself enough for that choice. She is not right. You do not deserve any pain. Not to trivialize the issue but I'll never be faced with such a choice since I can't get pregnant.

I agree. Thanks for sharing.

God forgives us for or sins If you feel that it was wrong then it was I will not get into a debate on weather abortion is murder or not .All you can do is pray ask God to forgive you and put it all in his hands . It will take some people time to forgive you and if they don't then you didn't need them .If you don,t turn this all over to God It will eat at you the rest of your life.<br />
Prayers for you!!!

He believes in you. I will pray more now then ever for you .I can tell you Ididn,t have an abortion But I have done worse . God is the only way .I am living proof that God is their.I do not want to offend you so I will not post again unless u ask .