Surgical Abortion

So I went today to Marie Stopes to get a surgical abortion. I went under general anaesthetic, I had 2 consultations - 1 to get an ultrasound (which I did not look at) and another one to speak to a counseller to make sure I was doing the right thing.
Then I went to a small change room where you remove your bottoms and make sure you're wearing a short sleeve top. I chose to go under general because I knew that if I was awake I would have nightmares.
Right now it is about 3 hours after and I am feeling fine, except for some slight cramping which is made better with a hot water bottle. Directly afterwards I felt shaky and I did throw up.
I am also feeling sad and guilty because my boyfriend really wanted to keep it. I couldn't do it because he is not someone I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.
Anyway please don't be too scared about going through with's ok to be nervous but you'll be fine and no it not affect your future ability to have children. Hopefully I never have to do this again though as it is very emotional.
Pixieland Pixieland
Aug 24, 2012