I Am Not Ashamed

A few days ago I shared my story about considering a self induced home abortion via a very dangerous and questionable method. This is an update to that story. I did not do the self induced abortion, I was able to come up with the money and I went to a doctor. He gave me an injection and 10 pills and directions on how to take them. Last night, the abortion was completed. I'm still bleeding but the worst is over.

I felt at peace with my decision until I woke up this morning and read the comments on my previous story. I am a Christian and I am so disgusted by the comments of one individual that it has me questioning my faith. How can someone who claims to believe in God and follow God's will, be so hateful and inconsiderate? I am not perfect. I am human and humans make mistakes. My mistake was getting pregnant at a time I know I would not be able to support a child. I did not come here for judgment, I came here for advice and support, and for someone religious to condemn me for my choices really disgusts me. What happened to "He who is without sin cast the first stone"?

To the individual who left that comment on my story, are you proud of yourself? You tried to make me feel guilty and ashamed but all you have done is make me lose respect for religion. If I had not been a strong person, your comment would have driven me to suicide, not my decision to have an abortion. And if you post these types of comments regularly, someday you will drive some young woman to take her own life because you made her feel guilty and ashamed. You seem to have all the answers. You said I should keep my baby and God would provide for us. If you care so much why didn't you offer your help? When I had the baby and I struggled to provide for it, couldn't clothe it or feed it or give it a home, where would you be?

Children are suffering every day all across the world. I chose not to bring my child into the world to suffer and live in poverty. I know when I am better able to provide for a child, I will be an excellent mother, but right now, I am at peace with my decision. I have asked God for forgiveness. You should ask for His forgiveness too. Ask Him to forgive you for displaying such hateful and judgmental qualities that go against the very values of Christianity.
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I wish there were many such women like you. I really do respect you.... Keep it up . You are indeed a strong woman. I come across alot of abortion stories ...but more of regrets. Yet they would do it again if they ended up pregnant again. Your post has really encouraged me a lot. Thanks.

I'm glad everything worked out. I hope your recovery is a smooth one.<br />
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Unfortunately a lot of people use Christianity to force people to adhere to their own personal beliefs, which is not how Christianity or any other religion is meant to be used. Although I myself am not religious, I don't think you should give up on your beliefs or religion because of how other people are abusing them. If you feel outraged by how other Christians are acting, do the best you can to be a good example. It is a shame that a few bad deeds by others are remembered more than many done out of goodness, but don't let it discourage you.

I'm glad you decided to not do the self-induced abortion. Thousands of people fought for the ability for women to have access to safe, legal abortions. It would be a shame to not honor that and risk your health.<br />
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I am not religious, but I have always stood on the idea that people who care more about a baby being born that about the kind of life that baby is going to have are not pro-life. They are pro-gestation. You cannot say you care about life if you don't care about what happens to that life.