Medical Abortion

I had a medical abortion 3 weeks ago, i was 8 weeks along. I still keep crying and i feel like i have no support. Its not a decision i regret, its something both my partner and i researched and thought hard about but i still wish i didn't do it, i feel like i have a black mark against my morals, not that im against termination though ... hard to explain to guess.

I would like to hear how others are coping, I cant even bring myself to get rid of the ultra sound photos.. they just sit there...
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Don't judge yourself for whats happened. I was 8 weeks pregnant also when i had a medical abortion and its hard it truly is and i wont lie and say it gets easier because its been 9 months since mines, my baby would be almost 3 months old. It killes me what ive done but you should focus on whats going on in the present and plans for the future. It dosn't make everything better but it helps me and may bring you some relief.

I had an abortion yesterday. I was 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I don't regret it at all whatsoever because I had known from the first day I saw positive on the pregnancy test that I would have an abortion. I am pro-choice and I knew I wasn't emotionally, physically, or financially ready to have a baby. I didn't have to consider any other choice because having a baby would ruin my life and my baby's life and that I would never forgive myself for. All I feel now is relief that I was able to prevent this from happening. No regrets!

I know how you feel! I feel the exact same way! I guess I've never been against abortion, but I never thought I'd have one myself! It's hard!Especially when you feel like you're mostly at war with yourself! I just remind myself that it had to be done. I have 2 children already the youngest iS sick.

..... just be confident in knowing that you and your partner made an informed decision. It was best for YOU! That is what's most important. I constantly have to remind myself of this same thing. You know when and if your time will come and when you're ready it'll be the happiest time of your life! Good luck!! And I truly hope you find inner peace sooner than later!

You don't have a black mark or a red mark or any mark on you. It's difficult right after an abortion. Your hormones take a while to get back to normal, and that makes you more emotional. Besides that, it is a surgical procedure that you need to recover from. I found that just being pregnant and envisioning myself as a parent was difficult enough, and I had a bit of an identity crisis. But after time passes on, it'll be less fresh, and when you are ready to have children you'll be grateful of the life you're able to provide for them that you wouldn't be able to before.<br />
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I never got ultrasound photos. I got my abortion before they started trying to make that stupid ultrasound law so I never saw it.