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Hello there I am 3-4 weeks pregnant and I am going to have an abortion next week on Tuesday; I am a full-time student plus well I am a mother of two kids, one has disability. The main reason is finances even though I am married, but we barely making it. I am going to college, finally and I want to go to the Army. The worst is that my husband has PTSD and due to this and being abused as a child makes him violent at times. He agrees to have an abortion due to the money, for me is because how abusive under stress he is.

I have feelings of remorse already, I know is due to the hormones and it will go away. I had last year a bad ectopic pregnancy so I am feeling a little bit uneasy with the procedure. I have crying spells in the bathroom but I know I am not a baby killer...Thank God for this support forum.
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

I your husband is abusive to either you or your children, verbally, emotionally, or physically, please get help. No one deserves that and no one deserves to live in a household afraid if their parent or spouse. <br />
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It already sounds like there's a lot of stress on you as a mother. Taking care of two children, even just one child, is exhausting, physically and mentally, and a child with special needs is even tougher. If abortion is right for you and your family, there is no shame in that. You are making a decision as a parent as to what is best for your children, and you need to worry about the children you already have first and foremost.