My Regret

May 23rd I found out I was pregnant. I was devestated, the father and I sought all out options. After everything I made up my mind to keep it. Weeks went by and I was depressed but I did tell people I was pregnant. June 27th I had the abortion. Today, I still cry. I still hate my decision, and our choice. I don't think I will ever get over this.
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Looks like you had a really hard time making this decision. Your abortion was still very recent, so it's understandable you're still struggling, especially if it took you so long to make your decision. Most women don't develop depression after abortion, but often times already existing depression can become worse, especially if it was a difficult process.<br />
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I hope you don't mind me asking, but is the father of the baby in the picture? If there was sexual abuse or a troubled relationship, it would be worthy to seek out a counselor.