3 Months After My Abortion

Life is changing. I am currently in college and my boyfriend and I are still together. Baby talk and us having a baby together comes up alot but not as much as before. Weeks ago, I was hoping to be pregnant again to start a family. But for some reason, my thoughts have changed and I dont know if its temporary or for good.But getting pregnant used to be something I hoped for everytime my boyfriend and I had sex. Now, I'm not too much in a rush. If it happens, then it happens, but im not forcing it. I like going to school, maybe that is what changed my mind.
RenClarke RenClarke
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I'm so glad you're sharing your success story. When you're on the heels of an abortion often you're still in a haze of hormones, and the baby cravings hit HARD. But I'm glad you're taking your time to get your life together and grow up a bit before committing to parenthood.