I had an abortion last Thursday and I'm feeling pretty numb about the whole experience. I am angry at my boyfriend who I feel has moved on so quickly from the whole thing...I feel sad about it and all he can talk about is his trip to Europe, which I don't want to hear about right now. I think it can be a traumatic experience and I think that support is essential. I am definately not suggesting that it would have been a good thing to keep the baby. Not with the medication I am on and I also need a career and i'm not old enough or mature enough yet. I also wish my mum didn't hate my boyfriend because it wasn't his fault...I still love him and I know he's only trying to distract me with his stories of travelling.

Good luck to others who are thinking about being involved in this experience. Do what you feel is right, try not to be influenced by others.

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I was in a similar situation when i was in college--the guy just wanted it to hurry up and be done with and didn't want to talk about it when it was over. Maybe it is a coping mechanism, but believe me, it helps to talk to someone. If you'd like to chat or email, I'm a good listener :)

I've been in your shoes and honestly you have to remember that what you did happened to you. that's why its called "women's choice". He may feel a little hurt but honestly he will never feel as much pain or emptiness as you. You are right, what you need is support. If your boyfriend can not give it to you, you need to find some one who can. People deal with things in different ways, while you may feel the need to talk about it, he may feel the need to try and forget about it. Feel free to send me a line if you need to get something off your chest. I've been there before and willing to help anybody get through it.<br />
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