Its Only Been 5 Days....

I had an abortion on Friday, it is now Wednesday and I regret it. I really didn't think that I would. I am 27, have been dating the dad ( it hurts to even type that) on and off for 9 months. I know I KNOW it was the right decision, but I feel awful. I am just so surprised, I have never ever wanted kids, the guy I'm with didn't either. I have always said if it ever happened I would get an abortion, and we had talked about that way before this ever happened. I wanted to talk to someone but the dad is being distant and weird and going through his own stuff right now so here I am. I can't stop crying. I can't stop thinking that I made the wrong decision. People have kids all the time that are not ready for them and they figure it out and make it work. The dad himself was adopted because his mother was a prostitute and left him on someone's doorstep. How if it is even possible, do I live with this?

On another note, it was the worst most painful thing I have done, I am still bleeding at some point pretty heavy and I wake up every night with intense cramps that wake me up and are very painful, is that normal? I take ibuprofen and put a heating pad on it and somehow get back to sleep. I still have light cramping during the day, I take what has to be way to much ibuprofen and it doesn't seem to help. Any advice?

Feeling sad and alone, I need some love.
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Hey there is a blog I found that relates to your story it is at please check out this girls story.

Ladies, it gets better. It takes time but I promise it does. I had an abortion about a month ago, some days are good and others are bad. You're hurt will eventually heal. If you are a prayer, pray about it. If not, try counseling, even if it's just over the phone. Talking about it helps. God bless you.

I'm sorry you're going through that. I don't know if it helps, but I went (and still going) through the same. I made the decision feeling sure it was the right one, but was left with uncertain feelings that haunt me. It's been two years since then and even though I feel better, I sometimes still wonder what would have been if I hadn't gone through with the abortion. Just hang in there because it does get easier.

Thank you. I hope it gets better.

what abortive method did u do?
I aborted months ago and yes.. The physical pain is intense but the emotional, it will haunt you forever but just keep in mind you made a decision that you thought was the best, so dont beat yourself up. im here.. Hugs!

I was 7 weeks 4 days, I took the pills. I still think it was the right decision, I just didn't think that it would haunt me this much. I never realized how many people have kids before this happened!

I took the pills too.. And yes it hurts like hell.. I cried myself to sleep for a whole month until i learned how to live with the decision i made.. It is ok to be sad you have feelings and a heart just dont beat yourself up for what u did.. It was the right decision at the time.. Be strong and if u ever feel the need to talk to someone u can message me any time :)

Thank you :)