Can anyone share there abortion pill experiences! It's the most uncomfortable painful thing ever.
I took the pill you swallow Wednesday the 19 and just tonight around 8:30( before I took the 4 pills you put in your cheek, I went pee(tmi) and passed a HUGE blood clot. THEN the cramping started, I took a Vicodin asap which helped a little, and waited for my fiance to come home from work to take the 4 you put in your cheek. I did that and before it could solved completely I started having the worst pain ever! Motrin,1000mg of Vicodin& a heating pad barely helped I was crying in pain. I've been passing huge blood clots and soaking pads every hour, is this normal? I feel so tired but can't sleep i am so nervous and in pain still, i'm so scared I can die from losing blood or something.
Also I'm super religious and a believer, I feel like i'm going to be punished for this and go to hell, does god forgive people for abortions?? I was 9 weeks so it was no longer an embryo it was an actual fetus:( I love babies, and I have a 2 year old. I should have been responsible and used Birth control, But I had this abortion 1: because I'm a high risk pregnancy, just in July this year i had an ectopic pregnancy in my Fallopian tube that caused me pain for over a month took me forever to recover,(that should have made me get on birth control right?! I didn't) 2; I had preeclampsia with my daughter so bad I almost died, my Dr. told me after I recovered That my bodies not made to have a Baby and for my health safety and life I should get on birth control(never did) 3; I didn't want to risk dying and not be able to parent my amazing daughter.

I forgot to mention when I was 18 I had another abortion, it was the pill but it wasnt as near as bad as this one.
I feel so horrible will god forgive me??
I have a appointment Wednesday to get an IUD, I promised myself and god I will make sure i prevent myself from ever getting pregnant again.

feedback, support, experiences, & opinions needed!
Thank you.
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Wow! God Bless you and all of your respondents! My belief is that God does forgive all those who are truly sorry. While abortion is a grave sin, so is sterilization, which many people have done (including myself) and thereby take God out of the life-giving equation. So I hope God forgives us all! :-)

I took the pill and i am also have a very religious up bringing and back ground. The pill didn't give me problems, it was just like having a very heavy period, a few hours after i took the last four pills the cramps returned to basically normal period cramps, the bleeding however is a different story about a week after i took the pills I passed 2 very large blood clots but i didn't cramp with them. As far as you thinking that you are going to be damed to hell for this i don't believe that, that is true. About 2 weeks after I had the abortion pill i felt so much guilt, that i thought that no matter how hard or how much that i prayed that there was no way that God was going to listen to me, I was wrong. In the bible it talks about all sins being equal, it also says "obey the laws of the land" therefore, running a red light, not stopping at a stop sign, or even speeding are all sins that are just as wrong and as sinful as getting an abortion. Pray about it, talk to God, he will see your hurt and suffering and he will heal it. It gets better I promise..

I had the procedure but I heard the pill is very painful. And I had severe preeclampsia with my first as well which was one of the reasons I had my abortion back in January. I am pregnant again with my fiance's baby this time and this one was planned, my midwife told me that you actually have a lower chance of having preeclampsia the second time around than the first time.

If you soak more than two pads an hour at a time, it can often be a sign of heavy bleeding and you should go to the clinic to get checked up.

I took the abortion pill and it wasn't as bad as I had expected. I'm not sure if that means my pain tolerance is high or I got lucky. But TMI speaking, on the day I took the second set of pills it gave me the runs worse than the pregnancy had been doing. I took some Advil and ate a light meal or snack before taking the second and third sets and that seemed to help quite a bit.

Hi. Thank you for sharing your story. I was raised a Catholic and feel very guilty for getting an abortion, but like you, I felt it was the right thing for my health. I was dealing with so much at the time. My dad was dying and my son broke his femur and the bone didn't heal properly. One leg was longer than the other. I also suffered from post-partum depression and feared that I just couldn't handle another child.

What I do when I feel bad, I think that I was putting my 2 children first. I didn't want them to suffer from a very depressed mother. I know I did the right thing for my sanity and my kid's sanity, but I think the hardest part for me is that I am a married woman. Most married couples would keep the 3rd child.

As far as the pill you took, I took that as well. My cramps weren't that bad. I felt good after 3 days. Take care. Tomorrow is a new day .....