Post Abortion

Hi everyone.I had an abortion 7 months ago.I dint tell anyone.I was too scared to tell anyone.I dint want to tell my family they expect me to be perfect.I couldn't handle disappointing my dad.I saw what my sister went through when she came home pregnant.My mum chased her out of the house.I couldn't imagine doing that to them again.I went through it by myself.My boyfriend was away at the time.I just couldn't talk about it.I wanted to tell him but every time I did, the words wouldn't come out.We don't live together so it was easy for me to hide what I was going through.I was depressed for along time.I used to cry all the time for no reason.I dint think anything was wrong till i went online and saw that I may have post abortion stress syndrome.Most of the sites I said talking makes it easier and am telling you it does.I finally told my boyfriend about it and he was very supportive.He is very understanding about it and is there for me.I am still not over what I did and I never will be, but am more ok now than i was before.
I know everyones experience is different but am just writing to help anyone who did it and doesn't know how to talk about it.Whether its your boyfriend or anyone else you want to tell, I have realised that anyone who truly loves you will be there for you no matter what and sometimes people can surprise you.If you go through with it I would suggest going to a clinic that provides support after.It is your choice and whatever you decide is what is best for you.I hope this helps someone.
waroi waroi
Sep 24, 2012