My Angelcakes 9.3.12

So, they say the first steps to healing sometimes you should name your unborn and write them a letter. So here's my letter to my baby.

My precious angel sent,
Hey babygrl, how are you? I hope your are doing good and growing big and having a blast in Heaven. I miss you more than you know. And I know I only had you in my belly for just a short time but I promise you I loved you and I wish I would have been stronger and more stable for you. I hope you forgive me :'(. It will break my heart to meet you at heavens gates and have you hate me. Your in one of the safest placest of them all with your sister and my best friend who will love and protect you always. I promise to never forget you. Because even tho me and your daddy's relationship is still new, we love eachother immensely and I know he would have been the perfect father for you. It hurts him to talk about you and I know it is not because of you but just him and how he is dealing with the pain of losing you. because to him you were not just an embryo, you were his seed, his child. So, when talking about you I know it will always be a touchy topic. I pray God sends you to me again when the time is right.I promise to give you everything and more. Please know none of this was your fault, and I do not nor will ever hate you. To this day I do not know if what I did was the best decision or not. I guess only time will tell. But know I love you with my heart and I pray I see you again. Right now you are in the safest place of them all. Where no one can hurt you,not even me. I miss seeing your heartbeat on the screen. It was the sweetest, most precious thing I have ever seen in my life. I never seen anything soo beautiful. I miss you angelcakes and I will never forget you as long as I live.

<3 Mommy
beebee3 beebee3
Nov 28, 2012