7 Weeks Pregnant And I Had A Chemical Abortion.

I wanted to share my experience with the chemical abortion process. I'm twenty-two years old and have been married for three years. My husband left for a business trip and he'll be gone for a long time. I didn't know I was pregnant until I started throwing up everday and then took a test. I immediately set up an appointment with Planned Parenthood. My husband is very supportive of whatever I do, even though he's not here in person. We decided it would be the best thing because of our current situation.

When I first got there, I filled out some paperwork. I took a urine pregnancy test. Then they gave me a vaginal ultrasound, turns out I was seven weeks pregnant. They gave me the option to view the ultrasound image, and since I'm a curious person, I said yes. They then gave me a bunch of informational packets about the chemical abortion process. Someone talked to me about the other options, the risks, the benefits, and the medicine I'd be taking. Everyone was very nice and professional. I then waited for a while and was seen by the doctor. She discussed future birth control methods with me and made sure that I was positive about the decision I was making. She gave me the first pill. It is called Mifepristone. It stops your body from making pregotone (Don't know the spelling).That night, I started taking the anit-biotics they gave me. Exactly twenty three hours and thirty minutes later I took an anit-nausea medicine and a pain killer. Thirty minutes later i inserted the four misoporostol tablets on the sides of my cheeks. Thirty minutes later I swallowed whatever was left. About ten minutes later I felt as if I was falling off the planet. I threw up. Had a horrible hot flash. For the next two hours I was in such severe pain, that I was crippled on my bed, drenched in sweat, and feeling like I was going to die. I made myself get up and the pain subsided. If you choose this method, I suggest standing/sitting with a cold washcloth on your face and a hot water bottle on your tummy. I don't know why laying down made it worse. You can feel your uterus contracting and feel the blood comming out. It has been seven hours since I took those four pills and I feel well enough to post this story. I still have mild cramps and it's a bit uncomfortable, but it's not unbearable. I don't regret my decision. In a week I'll have a follow up visit, which was included in the money I paid at the begining. They'll do another ultrasound to make sure that is was a successful abortion and I'm fine.
It cost me 285 dollars for the appointment and the prescriptions cost me 17 dollars at CVS. I have NO health insurance.
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Most painful thing I ever experienced. I thought I was going to die (and normally I have a pretty high pain tolerance) I would never "recommend" having an abortion but I would say that if it is ultimately necessary DO NOT have the "chemical" abortion. I've talked to people who have had the "regular" way (anything I say about this sounds so horrible, but this is the first time I am saying it)and it sounds less physically painful. Take my word for it and I swear I'm just a girl who doesn't want others to have to go through the experience I went through DO NOT HAVE A "CHEMICAL" ABORTION. The mental anguish over this is hitting me especially hard now, a couple years later.