Tell Bf And Parents? Get Abortion?

I don't know where to write my story and don't know who to talk to. I am Chinese and am 22 years old commuting to a university from my parents house. I have a boyfriend who is three years from me going to the same university and I've known him all my life. My parents never approved of me going out with him because he isn't too smart and has no ambition in life whereas I am very ambitious and always looks for things to do to make my life better for the future. I think of it as an investment for happiness for my future. I love my boyfriend very much, he is like my best friend, I know I can do so much better than him but still, he truly loves me and I am very thankful. When we had talks about being pregnant, he would tell me he would want me to keep the baby, even though he isn't financially able to have a baby at all, he would try his best to make ends meet and make us happy if I ended up having a baby. But no matter what he believes that planned pregnancy is the best route to go for everyone....Yesterday I found out I am 8 weeks pregnant. I don't know what to do. I know if I tell my parents they would literally go apesh-t cuz they are typical asian parents who value reputation and steps of marriage as very important. plus they really dont like my boyfriend and think I can do alot better since my boyfriend has been going to a university for over 3 years and has now finally declared a major whereas I am now ready to graduate. I know If I tell my boyfriend he would ask me to keep the baby but I don't know if I want to tell him. Both of our parents would probably make us get married and have the baby but I don't know if my boyfriend is the person I want to marry. He has so little ambition and is very lazy and is always satisfied with his current situation but me, I am always trying to do something and get something better. I don't want to break up with my boyfriend but I know that if I tell him we wil eventually break up, I dont want to tell my parents because they will be terrified and extremely mad at me, I kind of want to figure it out on my own because I know no one will really be supportive of me and make me comfortable. I don't know what to do...Please help me. I will not get family support. my boyfriend may support me but he will be hated by my parents. and I still have so many things I want to do for the future. I am only 22...
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Despite all their talk about "choice," those at abortion clinics who counsel women on their options often act as if abortion is a woman's only realistic alternative. This simply isn't so.

Throughout the United States, there are nearly 3,000 Crisis Pregnancy Centers staffed by volunteers ready to provide real help to women facing unplanned or untimely pregnancies. [112] In addition to providing pregnancy tests and counseling, these centers often offer a full range of services, helping women obtain housing, maternity and baby clothes, baby equipment, pre- and post-natal medical care, legal assistance and financial support, information about adoption, and even advice on how a woman in school can continue her education. [113] Offering real and tangible assistance, these centers have helped thousands of women to realize that they didn't have to choose between their own lives and the lives of their unborn babies.

Unlike their counterparts at the local abortion clinic, the volunteer counselors at your Crisis Pregnancy Center do not have a vested financial interest in the ultimate decision you make. Their concern and commitment are genuine, so you can count on them to stick by you through the tense and sometimes difficult months ahead.

If you picked up this pamphlet at your local Crisis Pregnancy Center, you already have some idea of the quality of people who work there. But if not, you can look in the Yellow Pages under the heading "Abortion Alternatives," or call, toll-free, 1 (800) 848-LOVE, any time, day or night, to find the nearest Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area. You'll find someone who genuinely cares about what happens to you and your unborn baby.

Ultimately, you have to do what is right for yourself based on what you want. Do not settle into a situation because it's convenient nor comfortable. Although, I don't fully know the extent of your circumstances; do what you think is right in your heart and based on how you would be able to live your life comfortably. Sometimes, rationality must take precedence.

I will be seeing my doctor soon, as I believe that I may be pregnant as well. This past summer my ex-boyfriend and I of 5 years parted ways (I am 23) and although I was willing to work on things (as women usually tend to do), he wanted a "break." I didn't agree with the option of a break and therefore we ended our relationship. The true colors of my ex really came forth when he was so abrupt and quick to end the relationship we had. Nonetheless, I was heartbroken and eventually moved on. I began to like someone who I found different to what I have ever experienced in the past. Although, this new love interest was no one I could have any type of future or long-term situation with (no ambition and he is the epitome of the stereotypical "bad boy"), he was fun for the time being. Unfortunately, he was also someone that preferred unprotected sex (I will not tell him either because I believe he may pressure me into having the baby). Long story short I am in a predicament where I cannot afford --financially, emotionally, nor health wise (prior to my physical changes I did not take care of myself) to bring a life into this world. For me, I know where I made a poor decision and now I must correct the decision. Additionally, I could not live with myself knowing that I am inadequate to provide.

Good Luck. Think smart and solely think about what's best for you.

What is your heart telling you? Are u leaning more so one way than the other