I Feel So Lost.

Im 23 i have a wonderful son & an amazing husband my life was so perfect, even better when me & my husband found out we were having another boy, we were so excited but it all ended last wednesday we went to get our first sonogram & they told us our son would be born with a foot disability & one side of his head looked abnormal. Me & my husband are so young we work hard everyday to better ourselves my husband & i are in med school, one of us would have to put our life to the side to be with our child thru surgeries & idk what else that poor baby would go thru & we also have our 4 year old to take care of we're so lost. We love our baby but we are really considering having an abortion. Its the hardest decision a couple can take we feel so lost we dont know what to do ):
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Well think about it this way what if tomorrow we got rid of everyone on this Earth with any sort of handicap, what would the world look like then, as a society we would all be missing so many great things! Also many times Doctors have been way incorrect with their predictions!

That was my concern. I have had a few friends who were told there was something seriously wrong and there wasn't.....Get the right information , do your own research, then make your own choice .
It's easy for the rest of the world to judge people in this position....I don't...
Of course the world is a better place for having all people, of all abilities and disabilities in it .....But that is easy to say if you aren't the one doing the raising of someone with severe disabilities. We all know our own limits .

Only you can decide what the right decision is for you and your family...It is a cruel thing to find yourself in this position. You can only base that decision on the life you live now, and although your situation changes over time , you wont be able to know where you will end up until you are there...All you can work with, is the now.
You both should be able to weigh up all the medical information better than most people ( both studying ) and make the right choice.
I wish you and your family all the best as you make your way through this and hope all is well in your future....xxx.
If i can ask ....did the foot disability and abnormal head shape have any connection to "club foot and plagiocephaly " condition ? I hate asking you this , please don't respond if you don't want to..