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Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 years and less then a year ago I had an abortion. When I found out I was pregnant it was exciting at first but then we realized that this was going to be a struggle. We sat down talking figuring out what the best option was to do, keep it, abortion, or adoption. We felt that if we gave the baby up for adoption it would just be to hard, knowing that are child would be out there in the world and us not knowing where. If we kept the baby it would be a selfish thing for us to do because my boyfriend at the time was not working and we were still living at home with his parents. We felt that we were not ready for a baby so we decided to have an abortion. It was a scary thing and after the procedure was done, I really did not have any emotions. Does that make me a horrible person? In my heart I knew that I did the right thing. And it was nice to know that my boyfriend supported my decision and was with me through the process. But lately I have been feeling a little depressed. Everyone I know is having a baby and I kinda feel guilty about the decision I made. I see alot of my friends who are pregnant and are struggling, but they are able to get through the hard times. Just thought I share my story! If anyone would like to chat please feel free to message me. It would be nice to talk to other girls who have gone through the same thing. Thanks
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You are not a horrible person! You were probably in shock! I have gone through the same feelings as you with excitement leading into insecurity.

I have had abortions when my (now) fiance and I had been together for a few months and again when we had been together for two years. It was a very sad and difficult time for us. I feel I chose what was best for us and our (hopefully) future family. I would prefer for us to be a stronger couple (married and together for a couple more years) before we have children with better finances. Children cause a huge strain on relationships. For me, I would prefer if we had a stronger foundation with more of a future planned before having them.

Thank you for your story.

It's quite natural to feel down after you've had an abortion. After you've been pregnant your hormones are all over the place and it will take you a while to get back to normal again. You did what you did for reasons that were right for you at the time, with the backing and support of your boyfriend. It's hard when your friends are having babies and it makes you more aware of the sad decision that you had to make. But focus on the future and know that when the time is right you'll be able to have a family in better circumstances. Be strong and good luck.

Thank you for the helpful comments. Its nice to know that you arent the only person going through the same thing!