Late Regret

I had my abortion about 3 years ago. I never got a chance to cope i Never told anyone. I just buried my feelings i moved on with life. I still went to school, I did the things a baby would make hard. Recently my my boyfriends sister got pregnant. It was a dissapointed for the parents. but now that the baby is here i see how much his parents love that baby. I break down crying. Because i feel like a coward for doing what i did. I see how she went on with her pregnancy and even though she is strugguling she is still fighting along side with her baby. I just feel like a coward, for doing what I did. I regret it so much.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Of course you would have loved your child. Many women here loved their babies and felt that this was their best option. No one is ever proud of making this decision. They should, however, be proud of taking care if themselves first. I'm sorry a happy occasion brought on mourning that was far too prolonged.