I'm Ashamed But Maybe This Will Help Someone Make The Right Choice.

I have always been against abortion, when I was 15 I got pregnant and even though I knew my dad would hate me for embarrassing him by being pregnant at such a young age and I didn't love the babies father, I kept her. Today she is a beautiful 4 year old. Well in June of this year I found out I was pregnant again, my boyfriend didn't want the baby and emotionally beat me into having an abortion. I hate myself now for doing it. I know I could do it on my own. I raised my first child when I was only 15 but I let someone bully me into something I'm morally against. I made a choice and it's on my hands. There's no pain or guilt more painful then this.
SheWolf92 SheWolf92
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I'm sorry that you felt you were forced into your decision. I find it helps to pray and talk to my babies. Forgiveness will find you someday.