i have a nightmear last night and it scared me so bad. i was dreaming about and little 2yr old boy looking at me smileing huging my leg calling me mommy. he was so happy and it was so real, but then everything went dark and this little boy is yhelling at me "why mommy why, why did you do this too me" in my dream i was looking for him but cld not find him in the dark then everything brushed in to flams and i saw this little boy burning. so scared i started running away. This boy came running after me with snakes in his hands just yhelling out over and over "why mommy why, why did you do this to me'. i cldnt escape i saw a tree and started climing and then everything stopped and everything turned white nothing else but an empty small room. i sat down on the ground and started crying in my sleep when i woke up my bf was holding me and huging just say everything is okay everything is going to be fine. i woke up with tears rolling down my face. he later told me that i was yhelling out this little boys name, i was yhelling out john, and i always wanted a little boy name john after my grandfather. i dont know what to think of this dream at all
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Dont listen to this "Blackorchids" person. They are dying to make everyone feel horrible. IDK why EP hasnt blocked this witch.