I Had An Abortion Today.

It was painful, but I also had an infection in my uterus. We decided to have an abortion for health reasons...I had a 2 pound tumor on my uterus in September. We concieved Oct 20 :(

Anyways, its a little painful, but the staff at the clinic were wonderful, nice, and presented ALL the options to me. But for my health, abortion was the only option.

My advice to everyone is to MAKE sure this is the right option for you. Dont let anyone talk you into or not into doing this. You have choices as a woman, and while they arent always easy...they are yours. Much love to you all.
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5 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Im so sorry for your loss and all that youre going through. You will grieve when youre ready. I hope youre ok and wish you well.

Day #2....my pain is almost non exhistant. Still no sadness, even though Im sure it will come.

I should add.. i was 7 weeks.

I havent cried yet. Im thinking of a way to memorialize my baby...I have a sono pic that I want to do something with. The heatbeat was very slow yesterday as well...I was losing him :(

How very difficult this decision must have been for you. I hope your body heals quickly. Thank you for bravely sharing your story.- Sunny