i cant beleave that some one would tell me what i did was evil and god hates me. for all those por life people i just wanna say god be with you and i hope he opens your eyes and understand why woman would do this some times the best answer is not what the women may fully want but they know it better not just for her but for the child too. god said tho shall not kill, and yes tho shall not but, if thos baby wld end up on the streets and end worse then living and most of the time they may not belieave in god they may hate thier parnets turn to drugs and may kill them slefs. i ask you maybe god led them on that path to grow stronger and he had men think of that to create less problems and save the child and mother in the long run, im not saying its always the best choice and go have as many as you want im just saying, that choice under that pertence is best and its not thier fault 100% most women have it becuase thats the best option they have. And yes thier adoption but it so hard these days most of them spend thier life in foster care and they wonder and ponder on why did my parnets get rid of me and that sense of belonging, most apodeted childern commit sucided, turn to drugs, become very agressive, and may also follow in the smae biological parnets path, the cycle will only repeat. Have sympathy for those women and. and open your eyes to what god sees everything is beatiful and evil is only in the eyes of the beholder.
3days 3days
Dec 9, 2012