To All Women Looking To Get An Abortion:


Do your research, but don't research on prolife or prochoice websites because you will get biased information. I have seen so many comments in this website with people mis-quoting facts. For example, "9/10 women regret their abortions!"..excuse me could you please site that? .... Research fetal development, abortion procedures and statistics on websites that remain neutral.

Also, please make your choice yourself. Don't let anyone force you to have one, or not to have one. Respect people's opinions and advice, but know that it is you who ultimately has to face the consequences either way.

Know that if you decide to share your story on this website, you will be told you are going to hell unless you repent, and you will forever regret your decision to abort.

Know that whatever you choose, you deserve to be respected.

Know that (eventually) everything will be just fine.

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that was written so well, I appreciate it..


Thanks very much :)