14months Later....

i had an abortion 14months ago! i thought it would get easier but it doesnt.
i constantly think what if? what would my baby look like?
i live in a small town in wales and about 65% of young women are pregnant and have no life. are on job seekers. while im18 years old have a full time job and have done for a year...
i still have the picture of my scan by my bed and look at it and say sorry every night. the dad of the baby thinks hes supportive but hes not. hes recently just got his new girlfriend pregnant :(
will it ever get easier?!
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

It does get better. The first year is the worst, full of "what ifs". Talking about it here makes you feel better after a few hours, or days. I wrote my experience on a piece of paper, my feelings, sadness, and burnt it. I threw the ashes to the wind, alone, on top of a hill. I felt so much better after that, and it doesn't make me cry so frequently. You can try that, it really helps.

never does and never will