Ru 486: Mifepristone

I had an abortion last month, and I still think that I should have kept it. I was only 16, and my mom and dad said I was too young to have a baby. My boyfriend and I are still trying to get over it, BUT DEEP DOWN I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT. To all the girls my age or a little older, think about what you are about to do. Do not let anyone tell you that you are too young to have a baby. If you think that you can take care of it, KEEP IT, because I wish I had kept mine. I got the abortion pill also known as RU 486. It caused severe mental and physical problems. It been three weeks and I am still bleeding severely. I've already been in the hospital three times since the abortion. The emotional is the worst though. I would rather have all my bones broken at once than get another abortion. I was going to name her Novalee Hope. She was due on July 15, 2013 and instead I suffered though Thanksgiving because the day before and day after I got the pills. 
All I could say after my abortion was I wanted to die. I kept holding my stomach asking God for forgiveness, and I kept screaming I’m sorry. But now it is too late to go back! Now all I want to do is get pregnant again to heal the pain that I feel inside, the pain that does not go away. Also, now I don’t know if I could get pregnant again. All I do is ask God for a second chance. I promise I would do things right. When I see pregnant girls I start to cry. It is so hard to get over. I wish I had someone to tell me it was going to be like this. It hurts especially when someone says that abortion is murder; but then, not knowing was my situation. For whoever is thinking about abortion, do not listen to anyone…just your own heart. I made the mistake of listening to my mom.
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I'm 33, took Mifepristone the day you wrote your story. My due date was July 22, 2013. I have my struggles too dealing with my abortion but getting pregnant again surely won't fill the emptiness. You're still young, there's a lot in life waiting for you.

Think about it, if I had a baby at your age, I'd have a daughter your age now!

i dont think getting pregnant right now to heal your pain would be a good idea. wait for the right time, when u have your life together and your supporting yourself. then no one can force you into any decision.