I Aam Concerned.

I had an abortion yesterday. The bleeding has calmed down along with the cramps but whenever i pee i feel a pressurre in my lower stomach and then i black out.i literally passed out and woke up on the floor the first time and that was while i was trying to wash my hands. The next two times were one after the other. I wasnt even standing i was still on the toilet i was coming out of the first one and then passed back out and when i woke up i was drenched in sweat..

Someone please help i dont know whats going on.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

You shouldn't do any heavy tasks. You may be bleeding internally and that's why you faint. Go to the ER asap. At least take Vitamin K, but you really need to go to the doctor, because you may have something still inside you, and it might cause you an infection if you don't get checked.

Anyone please?