Abortion - I Don't Regret Mine!!!!

I had a surgical abortion 4 years ago and i do not regret it at all! I knew i was doing it for the right reasons. I just wasn't ready to be a mum.
I feel pregnant to my boyfriend and we had a good talk about it and decided we were not ready for a baby! I was 9 weeks when i had my abortion, he came with me.
It was quick and almost painless, i just got a few cramps.
My recovery was quick. I has cramps for a couple days and bleeding for a week.
Yeah every now and again i might think about it. But i'm not sad, or i don't regret a thing!!
My partner and I, (the same partner) now have 2 kids and are very happy.
It isn't always bad, if you are thinking about having an abortion dont take any notice of what ANYONE says to you about it. Just do what is right for you. And know that you made that decision for a reason. It just wasn't meant to be.
There will always be other chances for you to have babies.
If anyone considering abortion or is feeding bad and needs support post abortion please message me.
I am here for you
You might be sad and confused now, but time heals
Its your body, your life and your choice
If abortion was "murder" it would be illegal!!!!
Love to you all!!! hugs!!!
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But dont you realise delurkish....thats your opinion, not mine. Your opinion isnt based on fact. I will never ever feel bad or guilty. I Could never forgive myself if i brought a child into the world i could not look after. Why create a life just to watch it suffer. That my friend is sick and cruel. There is already millions or children in the world, cold, starving and alone.
I waited until i was ready, i now have two kids we live a happy life in a loving family. I Dont regret a thing

...But don't you realize that abortion is taking a precious human's life?? :(

Don't you realize this is an abortion blog and sitting here trying to make women feel bad for a decision WE'VE ALREADY MADE isn't helping or aiding the healing process? Go to a pro-life section and vent there.

My reply is above x