Isn't This Suppose To Be A Support Forum?

So I got on here lastnight to post my story, and maybe get some experienced advice..... I've only gotten 2 comments, and neither one has been support at all. I am due to have the abortion at 8am in the morning. I am 13 weeks tomorrow, and am having the surgical procedure. Can anyone tell me what to expect about the procedure, and afterwards?? Thank you.
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Thank you r243. I am for sure that I'm doing the right thing. I'm just nervous about what to expect during and after the procedure. Thanks again, and I hope all goes well with your 2nd one. I'm so hurt just with me having to make the right decision and I couldn't imagine having to do it twice. I'm a good listener if you ever need to talk.

thanks, it has been so much tougher this time round. but I think you have to treat every abortion differently and base your decision on what the child's life would be like if it was born.
I know I will feel depressed afterwards, it is inevitable, but I hope if I put everything into my life this time and not make the same mistakes I did after my last pregnancy, I can be happy.
sometimes I have flashbacks to lying on the operating theatre table. I think you need to just focus on the nurses and not think about what you are doing.

hi, I've had a surgical abortion. I was about 10 weeks. The actual procedure was fine, I did get a bit hysterical as they put the anaesthetic in, but I was soon unconscious. When I awoke it all seemed so quick. little pain, but you can't do much for a few weeks after as your body needs to recover.
it isn't too bad an experience, how you feel emotionally afterwards will obviously depend on your reasons for doing it. I regretted my decision (the father was happy to stand by me) but now I am pregnant again and planning another abortion. this time the situation is different, I believe I am doing the right thing by not bringing a child into the world with a father who does not want it.
everyones situation is different, no one can tell you how you will feel, be brave and it will be over soon.

Thank you do much for responding. Your very helpful and sweet.