My Decision, The Wait, And The Process.

Ok, I recently posted a story called having an abortion in 2 days. UPDATE: ok, I obviously made up my mind about the abortion, and went through with it. I am very happy with my decision. The hardest part was the wait, and lieing to my family ;(. My best friend and I drove 4.5 hours last night to the city where I was having it done. The drive there was intense because I was soooo nervous. We got there and I rented a nice hotel at the holiday inn, because I wanted to be comfortable and try to sleep( surprise ) I did sleep!!! I couldn't believe that I was so calm at that point. It was more anxiety over getting it over with. The wait was the hardest part. I got up at 6:30am and I ate a small breakfast. ( I personally think that was a good idea. I got ready and left the room by 7:15. My nerves were crazy at that point!!! My heart rate was 112-130. I arrived at the clinic praying there would be no protesters! We got there at 7:45, and they couldn't let us in until 8am on the dot. The protester wasn't that bad, but I got tired of him, so I screamed I'm just here to have a papsmear!!! He then says, honey you can get a free one right down the road. So I got back in the car. They opened the door, and girls came from no where's!! There was several of us there at 8am. That was a relief, knowing I wasn't alone in this. We each signed in one by one. Then we done paper work. Again my nerves were scaring me!!! I sat done not even long enough to do paper work, and they called me back. The nurse took my blood, and oh my God she was the sweetest lady ever!! I went back to the waiting room, and 5 min later got called back again, for me to do my paperwork and to pay, and ask questions. That lady was also soooo sweet. Once again I was sent back to the waiting room( the wait was scary) 5 mins later I went back for an ultra sound. ( with all the process) it does go by fast! After the ultra sound. The lady put me in a seperate waiting room. It was very cold in there. A nurse came in, and had me and a few other girls that were doing the surgical procedure to watch a video. The video, was great! It was a lady explaining to us everything we were going to go through. After that she told us as soon as the dr got there we would start then gave us a 5 min smoke break. My best friend and I went to smoke, and by then there was 3 protesters, but I couldn't even hear them. I went back in and went back to my private( with a few other girls) waiting room. I spoke to a girl there and it helped, because she was nervous too. By the way I was 13.4 weeks;(. That was a disappointment because I knew I was close to 13 weeks, but it still hurt to know. Also I didn't look at the ultra sound screen or ask for pictures or a heart beat. Like 15 min later, I was called in to meet the dr and do a pelvic exam. She told me I would have to take pills to soften my cervix. I went back to the waiting room, and was called right back again. This part upset me, because I was in the recovery room, and the two pills I had to take were the same pill you take when your just taking the pill to abort. That did really get to me, because I felt I had to do both procedures. The pill had to desolve under my tounge, and my mouth was sooo dry! I could not drink anything for 30 min. That 30 min went by super quick, but as I was waiting a lady came out that had just got done, and she was crying so bad! I got terrified! My nurse ran over to me, cause she knew I was next. She said honey, that woman is crying so bad because she tensed up and the medicine didn't work. Right then she started helping me relax right then. They called my name before we were even done talking. The worst part was after I got undressed and was laying on the table, the wait! I waited what seemed like forever( 30min). But there was a long blue ribbon hanging over my head with an angel ;)). I held its hand snd prayed to God and told him I was sending this baby to my brother in heaven. The nurse and dr came in, and asked me if I had taken any thing for nerves before this. I had! And I did not lie. They praised me for being honest. Then the nurse gave me a nerve medicine in my iv( which is a tiny Iv) and a muscle relaxer. She turned the radio up loud and talk to me as the dr prepared. The dr use dilation rods to open my cervix and numbed my cervix, then vacuum me out. The worst part was the rods, but I stayed relaxed. They said I done so well. It was litterlly over in 7 min!!! It was painful, but very tolerable if you relax. I went back out to recovery. Had a blanket and a heating pad, and talked to a girl recovering again. They gave me two shots in my butt. One for rh just incase my blood was negative, and one for bleeding. I got sick once because of the meds. I was then checked for how bad I was bleeding and vitals. Bleeding was not bad at all!!! I've been home for about 3 hours, and I feel great! Fixing to take my 1st antibiotic. I did get emotional when my 2 year old hugged me, but other than that I'm great. I wish all of you the best of luck, and hope this helps you in anyway.
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Jan 11, 2013