Twisted Cinderella.

Once upon a time there was once a girl tht was fearless,
Strong and beautiful,
And then she met a Wolf
That was dressed as a Prince
And she followed tht Prince where ever he went,
And he lead her down into the forest,
And while she was in the forest her innocence and smile was stolen,
Her light, once so bright began to go dimmer and dimmer,
Until she could no longer find her way.
Well what was she to do, she stumbled thru the forest
And found's the Wolf's lair, he offered her a bed full of broken promises,
And there she laid for two years.
One day she found the courage to escape, but sadly it was a little too late,
She already had the world and new sins on her shoulders,
A sin she couldn't bear to swallow, a innocent life was his & her's sacrifice
A pair of crystal slippers and a simple "sorry" just would not do,
Cinderella used her broken wings and flew,
Far, Far away to lick her wounds,
But she bit the poisonous fruit,
So she fell into a deep sleep,
But now she has awaken, and she realizes that her happiness is worth taking,
Diamonds and the world could all be hers,
The cars, the houses and the furs,
But Cinderella would trade it all the in,
To have her bby in her arms again.

(Everything isn't always what it seems, don't allow the abortion to define you, it's NOT who you are, and it isn't going to be your future. Don't be scared to LIVE again and don't continue to PUNISH yourself, it's a process and & I am still HEALING TOO! & you probably are too) If you want to write your personal feelings below, anything you want as long as it isn't mean or hurtful toward any1!)
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I have read two beautiful books that talk about abortion in a very deep spiritual level, it will really sooth your soul and help you to cope with the pain. Please look for the books: "Angels In My Hair" by Lorna Byrne
"Stairway to Heaven" by Lorna Byrne

Both books are so healing, moving, deep and beautiful. I assure they are not a waste of time and money.

I wish you all the best.