I Had One...but I Hate It.

If anyone is familiar with my other stories, then maybe you'll better understand me or maybe not. For those who haven't...
I was raped by my stepdad when I was twelve and later on, three years later when I was fifteen, my brother began to do the same...
I...it's sick...but that's not just it.
I mentioned before that it all ended when I was sixteen. Well...it mainly happened because I became pregnant. It was my brother's...God this is so f***ed up. I'm so f***ed up!
My mom took me to the doctor and, until recently I found out that no one can force you to have an abortion, but I was too stupid and lost at that time to realize it.
One week later...my...the baby left me...
Alykz20 Alykz20
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

you lost the baby cause u both have the same blood line an did anyone of them go to jail your stories confusing

No, none of them did. I suppose I was/am too much of a coward to speak out and tell somone. The only one person I did tell has helped me in the best way I could have ever asked, he took me away from there. I ran out and I've never seen them again. It's been two years.

Dear Alykz,
Men like that..., well there is no punishment for that... I am ashamed to be a man right this moment.
NOW though, this moment, YOU are the most important. You will have to seek help. I understand it frightens you. Chrystina is right in all she says though. Listen to her and maybe a bit to me. Seek help, you are young, the older you get the more this trauma will affect your life when you do not cope with it now. Again, I understand you do not want to talk about it. That's why you scream out loud over here anonymously. Ans even that probably frightens you. But my dear, it is the only way to leave it (partly) behind. Do not wait, find a counsellor. You'll have to do that anyway, better do it now. XxxWanna

Thank you. And I know, the only way for me to try and forget is for me to find help. And I'm trying. Thank you again.

You're welcome. I mean the best when I say: don't try it; do it! xxxW

I know. Thank you. I will. :)