I never thought i would get pregnant until one night i got admitted to hospital with a reaction to some medication, so i missed 1 pill. Next thing i know i'm pregnant, my partner of 3 month went through all the motions, first he thought it was a joke, then thought i planned it, then wanted me to keep it. thinking he wanted me to have it i told my family and mentally preparied myself for what was in store...until his father messed up his head even more and conviced him completely that a baby was a bad idea (and possibly that i had planned it). He told my boyfriend that basically everything that he'd ever do in life would be ruined if we had this kid... my heart was broken....i had to give it up so 'he' could have no stress (tho nothing has changed he still does same stuff he always does). so in tears and with nurses unsure wether to do the abotion i gave it up... now every 2-3 nights for the past 5 months i have nightmares. i cry alot and can't forget what happened. I still think of how prepared i was and my family were for this baby and he just turned in the end because he was 'scaried' he can't talk about it and i can't forget about it
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How unfortunate, my condolences.

On another note, I say break up with him..