The Bigest Mistake :(

Iv made mistakes in life but the biggest mistake i have done that i regret every day of my life is having an abortion. I was always against abortion , because i always thought and said to myself that i would never do that beacuse no baby has no fault of my mistake of not taking care of myself and geting pregnant but when i was in that situation of me being pregnant i didnt know any more what was the right thing to do , i was worried about my parents kicking me out and not talking to me and confuse because i did wanted to have my baby but then yet i was just 17 and my boyfriend 23. My boyfriend Which now is my ex boyfriend didnt want me to have the baby because we were having so many problems and he told not to bring a baby to the world to suffer. Then he told me he was going to give me the money to abort but then couple days later he called me saying he wanted to have our kid and thats when i just didnt know what to do. It was so hard for me to take that dession. i talk to a friend and she told me that it was better for me to not have it cause i was already heading to college. i thought and thought about it and i had made the dission of not having it. after having that abortion i felt like trash and now thats going to be a year i still regret what i did . i cry every night but i know when the right moment of me having a baby comes i will love mty baby so much and i wont care what any one says and i wil live with no fear. so any girl who is pregnant and your deciding in having you baby or not . i think you should because living with something like this will not let you live . you will always live with gilt.
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Jan 17, 2013