What It Could Have Been

I was 20 when I had found out I was pregnant I was sick for aboit 3 month stright before I decide to go to the hospital and gey checked nd when I finally did sure enough I was in fact I was 3 months.....I told my bf andafter all the talks about him never hurting me he told me we was not eady at that moment all I did was cry...my baby was alreeady inside of me fo three months now I have to abort it had to be the worst thing to think of yes I all admitt we was not ready bht we could made it work...long story short I was able to heat its heartbeat nd see its sonogam and at 4 monthsit was al taken from me.......theres nota day that goes pass to where I dont miss my baby I am soo sorry for what I did I dont even wanna live anymore
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18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I'm sorry for your experience. You did what you had to do, it was and still is an awfully traumatic time. Be kind to yourself and know you are loved and millions of women have made the same decision as you.

Try telephone counselling so you can talk without being judged.