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Having to decide whether or not to have an abortion is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Once you make the decision that you are goin to go through with the abortion, whether you have already researched it or not, you have options. You can have the surgical abortion where they suction out the tissues from the pregnancy, I think it takes about 5 minutes, or you can go with the more pleasant sounding option if you are not too far along in the pregnancy. Now I don't want to go on and on so I'll try to make this quick. I chose the pill thinking it would be a private and less invasive process. You can look online at the steps before (I.e. taking the first pill at the doctors, then placing the 4 pills in your mouth to dissolve 24-48 hours later.)

All I have to say is, this was the most painful and stressful thing I have ever felt in my life. It was not like heavy period pains. It was Much much worse. I was literally screaming out in pain, and I took the ibprophen they prescribed me. I also threw up within 30 minutes after the pills dissolved. And then again when I started to bleed, 2 hours later. I did this on Friday night, it's not Sunday night and I am still cramping, certainly not as bad as Friday night, but still uncomfortable. Long drawn out process and I honestly would rather refrain from sex for the rest of my life than go through what I have been through in the past 3 days. Also I was only 6 weeks, 4 weeks gestational. I'm also 21 years old and never had kids. When I called about my pain the doctor told me it was like inducing labor on yourself. With contractions.

So basically my experience was horrible, and I hope nobody has to go through this process like that. From now on if you are not ready to be a parent , use contraceptives or abstain..
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i also did the pill, i was 4 weeks 2 days along. the initial pain wasnt that bad, but now it has been six weeks and im still bleeding and passing clots. the clinic told me it was normal, but im just about ready to rip all my hair out. its exhausting and im cramping and have back pain and i will never go thru this again, really just want to have my uterus removed. seriously this is the worst experience of my life.

Hi There,

I too had the pill when i was 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and i have heard horror stories as yours, I would like to add my experience so some people understand that it varies from person to person, i too can say i will NEVER do it again as next time i fall pregnant i will continue with the pregnancy.

I was provided the pill and took the four at home, upon taking it I cried and cried with the knowledge that there was no turning back and there were so many unkowns as to how it would happen. The clinic provided pain killers for me to have to manage the pain. I can say that there was pain and stabbing, as yes it is an induced labour in a sense... but i can honestly say it was more the thinking about what was happening to my body which was the scariest! my boyfriend and I thought this would be better than surgery but really the effects of of taking the pill was dragged out over 2 weeks but to say that i didnt experience the sickness, headaches, dizzyness etc... i guess i was 'lucky' if thats a word i would use... it was still scary but at the same time I am comfortable in my own home.... and it was scary with each pain as i didnt know what was going to happen next etc. I have not had the surgical option so i am sure that too comes with cons too. All in all i felt the pill procedure was good for my early pregnancy, i think its hard either way but with the pill i could try to imagine it was my period and not that i was terminating... i guess its different for each person and people cope in different ways... My heart goes out to you as what you experiences is exactly what you feared.