Just Found Out I'm Pregnant, Very Nervous

Just found out I'm pregnant. I'm very nervous, and have no idea how far along I am.

My only option is abortion, and I'm ok with that. Unfortunately, planned parenthood is closed today, and I'm so nervous when I call tomorrow that they will have a long wait time to get in for an appointment!

Has anyone had a vacuum abortion? Please tell me about it
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I had a vacuum abortion and I was sedated as well. It's not painful, afterwords when you wake up its some light cramping. Emotionally, I was messed up. But I was also 16. I'm going for another abortion probably in a month. I haven't quite made up my mind. But stay strong. Do what's right for YOU.

i had a vaccum abortion. They gave me a shot of meds that worked instantly and thats the last thing i remember before waking up the car ride home. The procedure itself isnt bad if you're asleep. Its the emotion pain afterwards that kills me. I got my abortion 3 weeks ago and i've never regretted something more in my entire life.

I did and also at a Planned Parenthood, you can read my story and I can also answer any questions you have, the story is on my page and this page.

God also says, he gives perfect peace to those whose mind is fixed on him. Your not alone, and don't feel cornered into making such a decision as this. This one you can never ever take back, so don't run into the arms of an abortion doctor. They are out for one purpose-money. Trust me.

Please do not have this abortion. It may seem like a quick fix, but that's not the truth. Your this baby's mother and the life depends on you! Did you know a baby's heart beats at 18 days, and if you tickle his or her nose he pulls his head away from the stimuli before 9 weeks. Abortion is not the answer, eliminating the crisis is. I am telling you this now, so you know you have options. Abortion is wrong, because it pits the mothers against her child. Do you know Abby Johnson. She is a former PP director, who after viewing one abortion quit her job. She explained how she saw the tiny child fight for his life. You have options, and the next best is adoption. It's better to allow this child, that is already conceived and alive, a chance to be loved, since you seem to not be able too. Abortions lie, is that it is over. No, pain for a lifetime continues for many, and this is your baby. God clearly forbids abortion. Please, don't jump into a decision like this, as it has many outcomes...no regrets. Either way is gonna be hard, but any decision made so quickly from fear, is seldom the right one. Praying for you, I'm here to talk if you'd like. I don't know your situation, but I know God is for you and for your baby.