1 Hour After Abortion


I'm so happy to have found this thread. I'm still at the hospital, just woke up 1/2 an hour ago. I was so sad before with mixed-feelings, really overwhelmed with waves of tears and sadness. Having woken up, I feel serene an positive. I am optimistic and there is relief as well. I'm also surprised I feel likely old self almost immediately. I'm really hoping this isn't the drugs and that it never wears off. It's so different to how I'd imagined I'd feel, and good to read that you're not doomed to sadness and self-loathing :)

Hatisat Hatisat
26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 24, 2013

i'm getting my procedure tomorrow morning. are you still positive? i'm having waves of emotions and i'm just needing to hear i'm doing the right thing. I need to hear that not everyone regrets this and it will be ok..

:) I am happy to see you are doing well! Stay positive!

Hatisat,I'm glad too that you don't feel doomed to sadness and self loathing. It can't have been an easy decision to make. Hugs to you. :)