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Im 18. Found out I was pregnant on January 13. The test turned positive really quickly. I panicked and took two other tests that had the same result. My boyfriend and I pondered on what to do. I have two jobs and make minimum wage on both no way to support a baby on that salary. My boyfriend as well. We decided termination was the best. For one we couldint support are child with the needs required with low income. I made appointment for two weeks later. However during those two weeks I became so attatched to the baby inside me. I felt less alone. At work I would stop what I was doing and touch my stomach. My babygave me a lot of weird cravings so I would always be sure to feed mybaby whatever it was craving. My boyfriend would blow and kiss my stomach. Ive always wanted to be a mom. If I had the money I wouldve kept this baby. I had the medical abortion a week ago. I regret it. I wish I could have my baby back. Going in for my check up after the abortion was torture. Seeing pregnant woman carrying their babies inside them. I yearned for my baby back. I have the picture of the ultra sound of when I was just seven weeks. I keep it in my purse. I try and talk to my boyfriend about the aftermath of all this but he tells me not to talk about it. I cant not talk about my baby. I miss my child. I feel so horrible for what ive done. If I could take it back I would. I would give anything to have my child growing in my womb. Im such a bad person. I miss my baby. I hate myself.
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What has to be done, has been done and it already happened. We can't help to be emotional sometimes. But dragging it to your imaginations would only make you feel bad to yourself. Focus to your future and not to what was behind you. And try not to have an unwanted pregnancy the second time. Use every alternative and be careful next. Live a life full of love and not of regrets.

Don't hate yourself. We all do horrible things under pressure; God forgave you long ago. Your BF needs to man-up / talk or you need a break. I hate myself too. The ultrasound is hard to get over; I never will. Just never forget that baby; he/she's in Heaven with my Aurora Belle and many missed others. Give her/him life in your prayers daily. Though I know I'm forgiven, I never forget and never will. Be there for a friend when she needs it too; 43% of women have had an abortion in the US. You're not alone and many will make this decision tomorrow; if you spread the love/awareness, it helps with the pain a little.

Thank you. You are right. No one knows what its like unless they experience it themselves. My boyfriend cant possibly feel the same way that I do. I was attached moreso because the child was in my womb. I will try and work on not hating myself. I am very sorry for what happened to you. But the fact that you are strong after all that has happened to you gives me strength. Thank you again.

Thank you so much. I can now look at this situation in a better light as opposed to being depressed and full of regret. You have indeed lifted my spirits this morning. I am very grateful.

There are so many losses your going to go through I'm not sure if you believe that there's something higher in us guiding our hand there isn't many words that I can say that's going to make you feel better but In today's world any child loved or not is going to be under pressure from all sides of life.

Unless we fix this world for generations to come its selfish to bring another soul in to it. The inevitable conclusion that most of us have come to is that the world is a mixed up crazy place. only, old souls are going to survive to the end to fight the battles of men.

The blessing for you is your beautifully wanted child was loved enough by you to understand that not having the means to establish the needs that they would have is an unselfish act of love . Stay strong love your baby here or not and believe that one day huni you will bring them up in a place that love is the main thing . Take care bless you x