Hellp, My Friend Needs Advice On Abortions?

okay. Its my friend. Im 18 and shes 17. Shes two weeks 1/2 late on her period. Shes been feeling nauseous and eating a lot lately, and she took a pregnancy test but it was unclear. Is she pregnant?
She wants me to take her to get an abortion, but we dont have enough money to get one and she absolutely will not get her parents involved.

What are her options? is there a safe way we can get an abortion for less money?
I dont know much about this so please please help. shes sitting her beside me completely freaking out.
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honestly abortions aren't cheap. they are surgical procedures. Even the abortion pill is at least 200-300 dollars. So if your friend truly feels an abortion is right for her she better tell someone she can trust and soon. Of course this is only assuming she is pregnant. I have to admit though 2 weeks late is a pretty big sign. I took a pregnancy test after I was only 6 days late and came out very very postive. Like the comment above me said get another test with at least 2. And test again. If it is still unclear wait a day or 2 and test in the morning.<br />
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Abortions are around 400+ dollars and a bit more sometimes if you want sedation which I would recommend. Good luck with your decision and be safe.

Oh yeah, one more thing...Make the GUY help out with half the money... It's HIS fault too!

First of all ,you have time..Not much but another couple weeks, if your calculations are correct. Invest in another EPT. get a good one and possibly one that has two tests in the kit. Sometimes it's too soon to tell. Some tests say"Test anytime of day" But your morning pee has the highest amount of the hormone that the test is measuring. Then IF your friend really is pregnant, call an abortion clinic (or several)and ask if they have a sliding scale payment option. Sometimes they will let you pay less if you really have no money.If this option doesn't work...THINK. What can you sell, your ipod? Cd's? clothes to a consignment store? Jewelry? guitar? Pawn shops give cash. Offer to help neighbors or family with chores and get paid. <br />
I HAVE heard that papaya will enduce a miscarriage. Go to the healthfood store and get the papaya pills . There may be other natural remedies out there. Work the net.<br />
If none of these options work , she will have to tell her parents. Unless they're holy rollers, they will most likely be sympathetic and take care of this problem with her. I would only hope my daughter would come to me if she had such a problem. We moms don't want our little girls to suffer.(maybe she'll keep the secret from dad as an added bonus)Tell her to calm down until she knows FOR SURE that she's preggers. Good luck with this...Keep me posted.